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Robert Whitmore

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Robert Earl Whitmore

Bobby Whitmore.jpg
Oppositor of Brazoria
Assumed office
December 2, 2019
Preceded by Christian Bates (acting)
Leader of the Democratic Socialists
Assumed office
December 2, 2019
Deputy John Reitter
Preceded by Eva Delaney
Member of the Diet of Brazoria for the El Paso Valley Area (Pecos's 4th district)
Assumed office
August 16, 2008
Chancellor Michael Jones
Personal details
Born (1977-08-12) August 12, 1977 (age 46)
Flag of Pecos Region.svg El Paso Pecos Region, Brazorian Confederation
Political party Democratic Socialist
Spouse(s) Guadalupe Whitmore (née Gimenez)
Children Antonio (b. 2004)
Isabela (b. 2007)
Alma mater University of Houston
Profession Teacher, Coach
Religion Roman Catholic
Robert Earl "Bobby" Whitmore (born 12 August 1977) is a Brazorian politician serving as a member of the Diet of Brazoria for El Paso Valley Area since 2008 and is the current Oppositor of Brazoria, the leader of the opposition, since 2019. A member of the Democratic Socialist Party, Whitmore has been the party's leader since 2019 and succeeded Eva Delaney as the party's leader during the party leadership election held after her loss to the People's Party in the general election in August.

Whitmore was born in El Paso, Pecos, then a region of the Brazorian Confederation. He grew up in a middle class setting, and eventually attending the University of Houston in 1995, graduating with with a Bacehlor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosphy. Following his graduation, Whitmore was employed as a world history teacher and gridiron football coach at Luis Cardinal High School in El Paso before being fired in 2007 for supposedly espousing his political beliefs in class lectures. His firing sparked a local teachers' strike, and his rise to national fame had forced the school board to offer Whitmore his position back, which he declined, instead preparing to use his newfound fame for a career in politics.

A longtime member of the Democratic Socialist Party, Whitmore was elected to the Diet in the 2008 general election to represent El Paso and surrounding neighborhoods. Almost immediately following his entry into politics, the relatively young Whitmore became a symbol of a new generation of Democratic Socialists, as he represented a new generation of populist leftists entering both the party and politics in general. Although extremely popular with the Democratic Socialist base, Whitmore did not run in the 2010 leadership election, instead endorsing Eva Delaney. However, following Delaney's resignation after the 2019 general election, Whitmore announced his candidacy for the leadership election, winning in a landslide against moderate opponents. With becoming the leader of the Democratic Socialists, Whitmore also became Oppositor of Brazoria, leading the opposition against the government of Ed Gonzales.

Politically, Whitmore is a social democrat, democratic socialist, and leftist. Political observers have described Whitmore's rhetoric as populist, a term which he has both embraced and rejected throughout his political career. On social policy, Whitmore is a notable ally of the LGBTQ+ community and is a supporter of legalized abortion. Since entering the national spotlight, Whitmore has been a strong advocate for gun control, supporting the re-institution of a assault rifle ban. Whitmore considers himself a "semi-republican", stating his support for a second Brazorian republic, though admitting that it is unlikely due to the monarchy's support. On economic policy, Whitmore is a self-described opponent of "unregulated capitalism", and is a supporter of strict economic and environmental regulations on corporations. He has supported raising taxes of wealthy Brazorians many times in the past, and has supported the nationalization of certain industries. On foreign policy, Whitmore is a vocal American unionist, supporting American integration. He has stated his intentions on improving relations with the United Commonwealth if ever elected to office, believing that any form of hostility would not be beneficial for both countries.

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