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Bohemia (Terra Fidelis)

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Bohemia is an absolute monarchy in central Europe. Capital: Prague

Early History

Bohemia was founded as Moravia by Mojmir I as a vassal of Louis the Pious. When the empire was divided between Louis's sons, he tried to rebel against the East Franks but failed and his nephew Ratislav was put on the throne in his place. Ratislav himself was later overthrown by his own nephew, Svatopluk. His son & successor, Mojmir II was killed in battle by the invading Magyars Hungarians, bringing the Kingdom of Moravia to an end. The Duchy of Bohemia, however escaped conquest & its dukes eventually became kings.
Mojmir I c. 820-846
Ratislav I 846-870
Svatopluk I 870-894
Mojmir II 894-906

Middle Ages

After several feuds between brothers, such as Good King Wenceslaus & Boleslaus the Cruel and between Boleslaus grandsons Jaromir, Oldrich & Boleslaus the Blind, Oldrich's son Bretislav I instituted agnatic seniority, whereby brothers succeed to the throne until they have died. Due to powerful neighbors, such as Frederick Barbarossa, making it hard to enforce not much changed.
Spytihnev-Conrad 1055-1092, sons of Bretislav
Bretislav II-Sobeslaus I 1092-1107 & 1109-1140, sons of Vratislaus II, son of Bretislav
Svlatopluk the Lion 1107-1109, son of Prince Otto, son of Bretislav
Vladislaus II 1140-1172, son of Vladislaus I, son of Vratislaus II
Frederick-Ottokar 1172-1173, 1178-1189, 1192-1193, 1197-1230, sons of Vladislaus II
Sobeslaus II-Wenceslaus II 1173-1178, 1191-1192 sons of Sobeslaus I
Conrad Otto 1189-1191, great-grandson of Conrad
Henry Bretislaus 1193-1197, son of Jindrich, son of Vladislaus I
At this point the more conventional agnatic primogeniture was instituted.
Wenceslsaus III 1230-1253
Ottokar II 1253-1284
Wenceslaus IV 1284-1301
In 1296 Wenceslaus, who was already the Duke of Krakow, inherited Poland upon the death of King Przymsl. A revolt let by Wenceslaus's half brother Nicholas for the throne of Bohemia lasted until ~1301