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Brazorian Crown Legion

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Brazorian Crown Legion
Flag of the Brazorian Crown Legion.png
Banner of the Crown Legion
Founded September 18th, 1874
Disbanded November 11th, 1877
Country Flag of Brazoria.svg Brazoria
Allegiance Flag of Sierra.svg Kingdom of Sierra
Type Expeditionary force
Role Volunteer infantry
Size 3,000+
Garrison/HQ Las Vegas, Clark
Motto(s) For King and God
Engagements Sierran Civil War
Commander Thomas Freedman

The Brazorian Crown Legion, commonly known as the Crown legion or the Brazorian Legion, was a volunteer legion and expeditionary force sent by Brazoria to support the Kingdom of Sierra and monarchist forces during the Sierran Civil War. The force itself was formed due to high numbers of volunteers that traveled to Sierra during the war and the Brazorian government organized them into a fighting force to support the Sierran monarchy. The reason for supporting the monarchists against the Second California Republic and the republican faction was due to Brazoria viewing the monarchy as a legitimate institution in Sierra and many in the country feared the spread of Landon's radical socialist ideas. The Crown Legion was made up of Brazorian monarchists who sympathized with the monarchist cause and used their experience to call for a monarchy in their home country after the end of the war, but to no avail.



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