Bureau of Sovereign Defense

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Bureau of Sovereign Defense
Seal of the Bureau of Sovereign Defense.svg
Agency overview
Formed May 14, 1941 (1941-05-14)
Jurisdiction Astoria
Headquarters Seattle, Olympia
Motto "Hic et ubique"
(Here and everywhere)
Employees Classified
14,000 (estimated)
Annual budget Classified
$26.3 billion (estimated)
Agency executive
Website www.bsd.ast

The Bureau of Sovereign Defense (BSD) is an independent agency of the Commonwealth of Astoria tasked with intelligence gathering, federal law enforcement, and civil defense. It was created in 1941 under the War Time Act of 1941 originally to engage in convert operations against Landonist organizations including surveillance, subversion, and at time, armed engagement. Over time it expanded its scope to deal with other perceived threats to Astoria's sovereignty and national security.

It coordinates and cooperates with foreign intelligence agencies such as Sierra's Royal Intelligence Agency and Superior's [TBD]. It has faced criticism and even parliamentary investigation into illegal activities it has been known to engage in. It has also been accused of, and implicated in, carrying out extrajudicial killings and assassinations of political figures deemed a threat to Astoria.




Criticism and controversies[edit]