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Bv206S Armoured All Terrain Vehicle
BOFORS Bv206S 01.jpg
Type Amphibious armoured vehicle
Place of origin Skandinavia
Service history
Used by Skandinavia, France, Netherlands, Germany, UK, South Africa, Singapoore, Mexico, New Zeeland, Israel,...
Production history
Designer BOFORS Hägglunds AS
Produced 1992 – 2006
Weight 3.7 tonnes (front car)
2.7 tonnes (rear car, Support version)
Length 6.92 m
Width 2.10 m
Height 2.05 m (front car)
2.1 m (rear car)
Crew driver + 3 passengers (front car) + 8 passengers (rear car)

Armor 7.62×52mm ball-shaped bullets
Haubits FH77 155mm derivative
smoke grenade launchers (front), mortars (back)
Engine Volvo 4.1 litre in-line six-cylinder turbocharged diesel
NAtech Hydrogen Fuel Cells
170 kW (227 hp)
Speed 50 km/h (roads)
5 km/h (water)

The Bv206S Armoured All Terrain Vehicle is a further development of the successful Bv206, and is designed to meet tough military requirements for extreme mobility under ballistic protection in all climates, with high reliability and low maintenance cost. The Bv206S was developed to upgrade all the Bv206 serving in the Kongelige Hæren at the end on the 80's. The upgrade was made to give them armoured protection, a better engine system and more advanced communications.

Though designed to be used in all climates, the Bv206 has shown special features to be used in artic and alpine climates with its low ground pressure through full-length, wide rubber tracks and a lightweight body. The two sections of the vehicle are articulated, allowing it to keep contact with the ground over broken terrain. The ground pressure is low enough that the vehicle can traverse loose snow without sinking. The fiberglass body is even amphibious, and the vehicle is propelled in water by its tracks.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • The vehicle can carry 12 combat-equipped soldiers through difficult terrain and extreme weather conditions. The vehicle operates in temperatures from -32°C to +46°C, from Arctic to desert and jungle conditions.
  • The vehicle provides high mobility and ballistic protection and is available as an armoured personnel carrier, cargo carrier, battlefield ambulance, mortar carrier, command post vehicle and recovery vehicle.
  • The forward car accommodates the driver and three combat troops. The rear car carries eight fully equipped troops. The vehicle is fitted with all-welded steel armour and the windows of the vehicle provide the same level of protection against direct fire 7.62mm ball ammunition and artillery shrapnel. The front and rear cars are fitted with roof hatches.
  • The vehicle is air-conditioned and can be fitted with nuclear, biological and chemical warfare protection and an automated fire detection and extinguishing system.
  • The unladen Bv206S can be underslung and air lifted by a Boeing Chinook CH-47 and a Sikorsky Super Stallion CH-53 helicopters. The vehicle is air transportable in the C-5A Galaxy (ten vehicles), C-17A Globemaster (six vehicles), C-130 Hercules (one or two vehicles), C-160 Transall (one vehicle), A400M (two vehicles), CH-47 helicopter (one vehicle) and CH-53 helicopter (one vehicle).

Technical specifications[edit | edit source]

BOFORS Bv206S 02.jpg

Dimensions[edit | edit source]

  • Length 6.9 m
  • Width 2.0 m
  • Height
    • front car 2m
    • rear car 2.1 m
  • Curb weight
    • front car 3300 kg
    • rear car, APC version 2150 kg
    • rear car, empty chassis 1150 kg
  • Payload
    • front car 500 kg
    • rear car 1050-2150 kg
  • Passengers
    • front car 4 (with driver)
    • rear car 8
  • Maximum trailer weight 2500 kg
  • Specific ground pressure
    • front car 13.4 kPa
    • rear car 13.3 kPa

Performance[edit | edit source]

  • Max. speed
    • on roads 52 km/h
    • in water 4.7 km/h
  • Gradeability
    • hard surface 100% (45º)
    • deep snow 30% (17º)
  • Range on roads 300 km
  • Opeating temp
    • max +46ºC
    • min - 32ºC

Engine & transmission[edit | edit source]

  • Type Mixed Volvo diesel engine and Electrical Hydrogen Fuel Cell
  • Power 190 kW 4000 rpm
  • Torque 350Nm 2300 rpm