Cabinet of Pashtunistan

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The cabinet of Pashtunistan is the main body of the executive branch of the government of Pashtunistan. It is headed by the Prime Minister, who is nominated by the King. Individual ministers are appointed by the Prime Minister and are subject to the confirmation of the National Assembly.

Composition[edit | edit source]

The current cabinet of Pashtunistan was inauguarted in October 2019, following the appointment of Prime Minister Hikmatullah Zain.

Office Incumbent Cabinet appointment
First Vice Prime Minister Zahir Tanin October 2019
Minister of Foreign Affairs Karim Salarzai October 2019
Minister of National Defense Fardin Zaher Assadi October 2019
Minister of Internal Affairs
Minister of Frontiers, Nations, and Tribal Affairs
Zabiullah Nazari October 2019
Minister of Justice Asadullah Jayhoon October 2019
Minister of Industry and Commerce
Minister of Finance
Minister of Agriculture
Minister of Transportation and Communications
Minister of Information and Culture
Minister of Education
Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
Minister of Women's Affairs
Manizha Nehan October 2019
Minister of Energy and Water December 2017
Minister of Public Health August 2015
Minister of Haj and Religion November 2013
National Security Advisor Sayed Ahmed Hossaini October 2019