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Cabinet of the Kingdom of Sierra

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Kingdom of Sierra

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Kingdom of Sierra

The Cabinet of the Kingdom of Sierra is a body composed of the Kingdom's most senior appointed officials in the civilian executive branch of Her Royal Majesty's Government. The Cabinet is chaired by the Prime Minister who works in the name of the Monarch. The Cabinet itself is part of the much larger Privy Council which is composed of the monarchy's closest political confidantes. The Cabinet is legally subordinate to the Executive Council, a body of which it relies on to enforce the Cabinet's decisions nationwide. By convention, members of the Cabinet are customarily chosen among the actively serving members of Parliament (MP). Nonetheless, there have been numerous Cabinet officials who were not MPs.

All Cabinet members are selected by the incumbent Prime Minister who, with the approval of the Senate, must be sworn in prior to assuming their duties. All members of Cabinet with the exception of the Attorney General and Surgeon General, receive the title of "minister". All ministers serve at the pleasure of the Prime Minister (and in theory, the Monarch) and may be dismissed at any given time without legislative consultation.

The Cabinet itself has no constitutional basis and as such, is not treated as an actual legal entity and it does not, collectively speaking, have any legal force, except internally (i.e. bureaucratic decisions made in-house within the ministries and their departments). In contrast, the Executive Council, has constitutional power and is responsible for legitimizing the actions of the Cabinet. The Council may also waive some of its powers and grant the Cabinet to execute them, most notably, the power to regulate and issue regulations. The authority and responsibilities designated to each ministry from the Council within the Cabinet are recognized by federal law and derive their power from there.


The primary purpose of the Cabinet is to devolve the extensive duties and responsibilities of the executive branch, which originates from the Monarch's royal prerogative, a set of outlined powers provided by the Constitution.

As advisers to the Crown, the Cabinet theoretically wields immense power in executing and implementing policy on behalf of the monarch. However, it is the Council that enables the Cabinet to dictate executive policy because the monarch has traditionally not involved himself/herself with the day-to-day affairs of governance, and the Council was created specifically for the role the Cabinet has developed. The Cabinet typically develops and proposes strategies and decisions built around the policies of the Prime Minister, and have it reviewed and enforced by the Council. Furthermore, while some actions require royal assent from the Monarch, it is generally understood that the Council will accede to nearly any decision made by the Cabinet, and by extension, approval by the Monarch. The Prime Minister, who oversees both the Council and Cabinet ensures that there is synchronized consensus between the two bodies at all times.

Within each ministry, ministers are the administrative head of their bodies and are often staffed with a networked structure of officials. The immediate subordinate of any given minister is their deputy minister who assists the minister with general operations and ensures that the correct measures are implemented within the ministry.


As of 2015, federal law mandates that Cabinet-level positions qualify for an annual salary no less than $150,000 or more than $200,000. There are exceptions however, for certain positions including the Deputy Prime Minister who is subject to different guidelines and regulations. With the exception of the Deputy Prime Minister, the law does not guarantee statutory pensions or security protection for ministers following departure in office. This contrasts from the Prime Minister and members of Parliament who do receive such protections as mandated by law. However, since 1985, former ministers have received some level of pension assistance through arrangement and negotiations with Parliament.

Current Cabinet and Cabinet-level officials

The Cabinet officials are listed according to the prime ministerial line of succession:

Office Incumbent Term began Description
Seal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sierra.svg
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Isabelle Huynh.jpg
December 1, 2022 Responsible for conducting and executing the foreign policy of the Prime Minister, representing the Kingdom in foreign states and international organizations, protecting Sierrans living or traveling abroad, promoting and assisting international activities of domestic government bodies and private corporations and organization, and supervising the Ministry and its staff.
Ministry of Defense of Sierra.svg
Minister of Defense
Preston Bolivar.jpg
December 1, 2022 The second-in-command of the Sierran Crown Armed Forces in operations (administratively third-in-command when including the Queen as the nominal commander-in-chief) and leading the national defense in times of peace. The Minister of Defense is responsible for reporting to and advising the Prime Minister of national defense and security issues, and coordinating inter-branch operations. The Joint Chiefs of Staff is the principal body in the Sierran defense hierarchy that assists and executes the policies of the Prime Minister in conjunction with the Minister.
Ministry of Finance of Sierra.svg
Minister of Finance
Ron DeSantis 113th Congress.jpg
December 1, 2022 Executes the economic policies of the Prime Minister and tasked with the responsibility of formulating and recommending a comprehensive agenda of economic, taxation, and fiscal policies, along with managing public debt and ensuring economic regulations are enforced. The Minister also oversees all the activities and functions of the Ministry and the agencies and bodies that fall under its jurisdiction.
Seal of the Attorney General of Sierra.svg
Attorney General
Catherine Cortez Masto portrait red.jpg
December 1, 2022 Responsible for maintaining the Sierran justice system in conjunction with the National Bureau of Court Administration, maintaining public order, overseeing elections, representing the Sierran government in legal matters, manages legal affairs of all other ministries and government bodies, overseeing the federal prison system, and organizing Sierran laws into codified documents.
Ministry of Education of Sierra.svg
Minister of Education
Cedric Richmond 113th Congress.jpg
December 1, 2022 Establishes policy and coordinating actions concerning federal assistance to education, enforcing federal education laws, defending students, teachers, and faculty of their rights, collecting data on education, licenses private accreditation boards, and in limited capacity, establish schools and universities (see the University of Sierra and Sierra National University systems).
Ministry of Culture of Sierra.svg
Minister of Culture
Christy Smith CA Assembly official photo (cropped).jpg
December 1, 2022 Protects and defends the cultural integrity of the Kingdom through promotion and financial assistance, preserves historic sites, museums, and parks, promotes the arts and sciences, cooperates with tourism, leisure, and creative industries, oversees public media corporations and entities, and regulates international exchange programs.
Minister of Interior Joseph Clark1.jpg
December 1, 2022 Responsible for managing federal lands and parks, managing federally-owned natural resources, protecting the environment through the enforcement of federal environmental protection laws, oversees the Royal Emergency Management Agency (REMA), overseeing the operations of the Royal Park Service, administering and handling affairs concerning Native Sierrans and Native Hawaiians such as the reservation system, cooperating with territorial governments, and administering the Pacific Crown Islands.
Surgeon General David Valadao 113th Congress.jpg
December 1, 2022 In charge of protecting the health of the Sierran public, overseeing the Kingdom's health policies and welfare programs, managing the Sierran welfare system, enforcing federal health and safety laws, supporting the medical community, assisting low-income families in obtaining affordable healthcare and other essential services, preventing and controlling disease outbreaks, and combating child, domestic, and elderly abuse.
Seal of the Ministry of Commerce and Labor.svg
Minister of Commerce and Labor
Julia Brownley 113th Congress.jpg
December 1, 2022 Promotes economic growth through job creation, living standards improvement, and sustainable development through collecting and analyzing data, and sets standards concerning occupational safety, improving working conditions, wage and hour standards, unemployment and insurance benefits, maternity leave, and providing labor-related services and resources.
Minister of Transportation Tony Cardenas 113th Congress.jpg
December 1, 2022 Responsible for ensuring that transportation in Sierra, including its roads, rail system, and air travel, are provided conveniently, safely and efficiently to all users, through establishing standards regarding infrastructure and operation of transportation vehicles, and designing and funding the construction of necessary transportation services.
Minister of Veteran Affairs Kang Kyung-wha - 2019 (48499197706) (cropped).jpg
December 1, 2022 Charged with providing adequate and quality services to military veterans including healthcare, disability compensation, employment benefits, job searches, insurance plans, home loans, education re-entry programs, rehabilitation services, burial and memorial services for veterans and eligible family members, and mental health assistance.
Minister of Interior for Bajaría Carmen Silva-Reyes 1.png
December 1, 2022 Responsible for representing the national affairs and interests of Bajaría at the federal level and act a liaison between the federal and Bajarian national governments.
Minister of Interior for the Deseret Luz Escamilla.jpg
December 1, 2022 Responsible for representing the national affairs and interests of the Deseret at the federal level and act a liaison between the federal and Deseretian national governments.
Minister of Interior for Hawaii Arthur Watanabe.jpg
December 1, 2022 Responsible for representing the national affairs and interests of Hawaii at the federal level and act a liaison between the federal and Hawaiian national governments.

Unofficial Cabinet-level officials

The Administrator of the Royal Aeronautics and Aerospace Administration is considered a Cabinet-level official.
Getty House Chief of Staff – Responsible for managing and supervising Getty House staff, controlling traffic and information within the Getty House, representing the Prime Minister to other government bodies as a liaison, and advising the Prime Minister on important issues.
Administrator of the Office of Bureaucratic and Internal Affairs – Oversees the functions and proceedings of the OBIA, which is responsible for ensuring that laws and regulations are executed and complied to according to the Prime Minister's policies, and for producing a budget for the Prime Minister.
Chairperson of the Board of Governors of the Royal Monetary Authority – Leads and directs the Board of Governors who are charged with managing Sierra's central banking system and monetary policy, advising the Prime Minister on economic affairs, monitoring economic activity, and assessing economic risks.
Ambassador to the League of Nations – Represents the Kingdom of Sierra and its interests in the League of Nations as the leader of the national delegation to both the General Assembly and the Security Council.
Administrator of the Royal Aeronautics and Aerospace Administration – Oversees the operations of Sierra's space exploration and research agency, which is responsible for various aerospace-related operations, including the development of spacecraft, manned and unmanned missions, and collaboration with foreign space agencies and private corporations

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