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This article is part of the Altverse universe. For the article on the similar historic British territory, see the Territory of Canada.

Canada is a historic region located in the upmost parts of North America and in the northern regions in present-day Anglo-America. While there are many theories surrounding the name of the region, the name became official when the region was colonized by the Kingdom of France and was made part of the colony of New France. Following the Seven Years' War, the region was annexed into British America before being reorganized into British North America following the loss of the Thirteen Colonies from British America in the American Revolutionary War. After the war, Britain's holdings in Canada were organized as a single colonial entity, though Rainier remained and independent colony on its own. In the 1820s, the United States had taken an interest in acquiring Britain's Canadian territories due to pre-existing land disputes between the United States and Quebec resulting in the Canadian Purchase and the First partition of Canada. The United States would hold onto its holdings, the Territory of Canada and Territory of Quebec until 1865 when it lost both colonies to revolts during the War of Contingency and Canada returned to British influence. Canada was partitioned again in 1869 to establish new states in accordance with the Treaty of Salinas.




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