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Cannabis in Brazoria

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Cannabis (also called marijuana; most commonly referred to colloquially as weed or pot) was legalised for recreational use in the Republic of Brazoria on 30 June 2011 under Chancellor Eva Delaney, making it the first country in the world to fully end prohibition of the drug. Cannabis had been legal for medical use in the country since 2004, and after the decriminalisation of the drug in March 2009, the use and private possession of cannabis essentially became a non-crime.

The legal cannabis industry in Brazoria is largely composed of two features, the producers and the retailers. Producers typically operate large, industrial-scale growing operations often based in large greenhouses. Retailers are made up of the private stores which sell cannabis bought from producers. Antitrust laws prevent producers from operating retail operations and vice versa. The Bureau of Food and Drug Safety is responsible for the regulation of the cannabis industry through the Office for Cannabis, the Bureau being a part of the Ministry of Welfare.

Brazoria has some of the highest rates of cannabis consumption in the world. Some 64% of the population has used cannabis at one point in time as of July 2018. 35% of consumers use the drug more than three times a week, with 48% of those high usage individuals being under the age of 30. The minimum legal age to purchase cannabis for recreational use in Brazoria is 18. Doctors can prescribe the drug as a painkiller to a patient of any age.




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