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Protectorate of Cedon

Flag of Cedon
Motto: Praise Jehovah (unofficial)
Capital Sandstone
Largest settlement Hidden Bluff
Official languages English
Ethnic groups
Humans, squidmans
Demonym(s) Cedonians
Government Lordly protectorate
• Lord Protector
• Foundation
29 April 2019
• Transition to republic
9 May 2019
• Protectorate established
24 April 2022
• 2022 estimate
• Census
None taken
Currency Emeralds
Time zone EST

The Protectorate of Cedon, formerly referred to as the Republic of Cedon, is a self-governing polity located in the Overworld of Fizzyflapjack's personal Minecraft Server, centered around the original world spawn point. It officially operates on survival mode, while creative mode is expressly forbidden. Its territorial extent includes over 200 chunks and 7 settlements. Its capital is the planned settlement of Sandstone and the largest settlement is Hidden Bluff. Other notable settlements include Lilac Valley and the Squidvilles. Cedon spans across various biomes, which includes several mountain ranges, a jungle, and deserts, but is primarily a mixture of plains and darkwood forests.

Cedon was historically founded as a feudal society led by the Lord Fizzyflapjack. On 9 May 2019, it abolished serfdom, thus emancipating the polity's serf population. Cedon became administered as a constitutional republic with its citizens enjoying equal rights and protection under the common law. After the exodus of its human population to Ocean City on 9 April 2020 and the Sack of Hidden Bluff, many of Cedon's non-squidman settlements fell into disrepair, leaving the squidmans of Cedon to depart Hidden Bluff and return to their native villages. On 24 April 2022, Lord Fizzyflapjack returned to Cedon, having restored the stability of his connection to the realm and renewing the Code of Cedon after the original was lost in the Sack of Hidden Bluff, leading to the creation of the modern Protectorate.




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