Chancellor of Haiti

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Chancellor of Haiti
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since XX XXX XXX
Style Mister/Madam Chancellor
His/Her Excellency
Member of Cabinet
Imperial Council
Reports to Estates General
Residence TBD
Seat Port-au-Prince
Appointer Monarch of Haiti
Term length Five-year term; renewable
Constituting instrument Constitution of Haiti
Formation 22 September 1804; 218 years ago (1804-09-22)
First holder The Duke of Cap-Haïtien
Salary ₲150,000,000 ($2,341,810)
The Chancellor of Haiti (French: Chancelier d'Haïti) is the head of government for Haiti. The Chancellor is the chief adviser to the Monarch of Haiti, head of the Imperial Council, and overall head of the government acting on behalf of the monarch. The Chancellor and their cabinet of ministers are held accountable for their actions and policies by the monarch, the Estates General, and the electorate of Haiti. Though the monarch of Haiti is the absolute ruler of the country, on a day-to-day basis, the Chancellor is responsible for managing the running of the imperial government. As of 2017, the current holder of the chancellery, TBD, was appointed to the position by Emperor TBD on XX XXX XXXX.

The office of Chancellor was created on 22 September 1804 as a provision of the Constitution of Haiti, as an aide to the monarchy of Haiti, as the executor of the Emperor's will within the imperial government. The Chancellor is appointed by the ruling monarch of Haiti, and serves for a period of five years as per the will of the monarch. The Chancellor may be removed by the monarch at will, or at the request of the Estates General through a two-thirds majority vote, which the monarch may veto if deemed necessary. Overall, the Emperor may ignore the request of the Estates General, and keep his or her chosen Chancellor in office as long as they wish.

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