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Charles, Duke of Cabo

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Charles, Duke of Cabo
Duke of Cabo
Stephen Colbert December 2017.jpg
Charles, Duke of Cabo in December 2017
Coat of arms of the Duke of Cabo.png
Duke of Cabo
Occupation June 21, 2015–present
Predecessor Title created
Coat of arms of Sierra.svg
King of Sierra
Reign October 17, 2005–June 21, 2015
Coronation January 4, 2006
Predecessor Elizabeth I
Heir Apparent Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Diana Jeong (2005-08)
Steven Hong (2008-2015)
Born (1964-06-13) June 13, 1964 (age 59)
Gold Coast Culver City, Gold Coast, K.S.
Duchess Consort Evelyn
Elizabeth II
Clara Maria, Princess of Colorado
Prince Marc, Duke of Sonora
Full name
Stanley Andrew
Regnal name
Charles II
Royal house House of Columbia
Father Adam, Prince of Mariana
Mother Elizabeth I
Religion New Anglican
Occupation Author
Monogram Charles, Duke of Cabo's signature

Charles, Duke of Cabo (born May 13, 1964 as Stanley Andrew, known as Charles II while King) is the Duke of Cabo and formerly the sixth constitutional monarch of Sierra before his 2015 abdication in favor of his daughter, Elizabeth II. He succeeded the throne on October 17, 2005 following the death of his mother, Elizabeth I. As the head of the House of Columbia, Charles was also the sixth contemporary Jacobite pretender to the Crown of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He continues to reside in the Occidental Palace as a member of the Royal Family and holds the title of Duke of Cabo.

Up until his ascension, Charles was the heir apparent to The Crown and thus was styled Charles II, Prince of Mojave. The firstborn of Queen Regnant Elizabeth I and Prince Consort Adam, Charles. Born in Culver City, Gold Coast, Charles attended a private New Anglican school in Porciúncula near the royal palace. His maternal great-great-great-grandfather is Charles I, the founder and first king of Sierra.

When he turned 18, Charles began active duty as Crown Prince while studying business administration at University of Sierra, Berkeley. In 1988, he graduated with a master's degree in business administration. Under strict supervision by the Parliament, Charles founded the Cabrillo Technologies, which specialized in telecommunications equipment. Keeping his private revenue separate from his public tax-funded finances, Charles made several investments with other emerging Sierran companies and created his own charity foundation. He married Evelyn, a Sierran civilian, whom he fathered three children: Elisa (Elizabeth II), Marc, and Clara Maria.

Charles fared favorable support during his reign but decided to abdicate the throne in June 2015 to resume his business career fully. During his reign, he followed behind his mother's style politics by remaining mostly apolitical. He focused mainly towards the refining the image of monarchy as one of charitable and noble status amid the rise of dissident republicanism in the country. Following his abdication, Elizabeth II granted Charles and Evelyn the titles, Duke and Duchess of Cabo. They continue to reside in the Occidental Palace per the request of the newly crowned queen.

As heir apparent

Birth and early life

Charles was born the first of three children to Queen Elizabeth I and Prince Adam on May 13, 1964 at the Culver City Medical Center. The royal couple were traveling around the city when Queen Elizabeth's water broke and she had to be rushed to the nearest hospital. The future king was delivered naturally on 7:34 PM and weighed in at 7.2 pounds. He was given the civilian name Stanley Andrew and the royal name, Charles, after his maternal great-grandfather and first monarch of Sierra, Charles I (Charles C. Miller).

Charles had two other siblings: George and Madeline who were born 3 and 6 years after Charles respectively. Together, they attended the private La Hacienda Academy in Porciúncula and frequently traveled with their parents to state ceremonies, visits, and galas.


Prince Charles, aged 17 while attending the La Hacienda Academy.

With his two siblings, Charles attended the La Hacienda Academy from kindergarten to the twelfth grade. He and his siblings were well received by staff and students as children of the Queen. He excelled in all subjects of school throughout his education and received additional tutoring at home by his family and state officials. Charles finished at the top of his class as valedictorian and delivered the farewell graduation speech in 1982. Afterwards, he applied and was accepted into the University of Sierra, Berkeley, one of Sierra's most prestigious public universities.

Higher education at Berkeley

Majoring in business administration, Charles received his bachelor's degree in 1986 and continued his education to earn a master's in 1988. While a student, Charles served as treasurer, public relations officer, and then president of the student body government. He was chosen to represent the university during the 1987 Future Business Professionals of Sierra competition and won second place in the marketing and communications section. Charles and his class also visited Tondo and the Anatolian Republic as part of an international student exchange program during his last year at Berkeley.

Cabrillo Technologies

Following his graduation, Charles consulted his mother about his plans to start a private company which would focus on manufacturing and selling network equipment. During a meeting with the Privy Council, Charles raised the matter to Prime Minister Melinda Peters. Initially, Huey opposed allowing Charles in creating his own company but after further cooperation, the prime minister changed his mind and presented the matter officially to Parliament. Parliament allowed Charles to establish his own company with limited funding, requiring Charles to search for additional funding outside the government. With relative ease, Charles contacted several affluent individuals from Silicon Valley to help start up his new company called Cabrillo Technologies in 1990. Charles served as CEO of Cabrillo from its founding until his ascension to the throne.

During his tenure, Charles capitalized on Cabrillo's successful business plan and models including its signature "Purple Box", a router which could support multiple network protocols. When Cabrillo went public in 1997, its initial public offering was at $321 million which was listed on the Porciúncula Stock Exchange. Charles's leadership of the company was praised by his colleagues and outsiders who credited him with his company's incredible success and ability to adapt in a volatile market environment. Following the popularization of the Internet Protocol, Charles oversaw the development of new modems and routers that became a critical part of the Internet service provider segment. Following his mother's death in 2005 and consequentially, his ascension, Charles resigned from his position as CEO and turned it over to then-company president Peter Dunham. Charles remained a part of the company as a chairman and owned 19% of the company's shares.


While attending US Berkeley, Charles met Michelle Richards, a commoner, during their sophomore year together. Richards studied chemical engineering and the two became friends. During senior year, the two began dating but broke up after only three months. Charles maintained his friendship with Richards after graduation and later dated again in 1991. In an interview years later, Charles remarked how he was "overwhelmingly in love and wanted to spend every moment" with Richards but starved off any possibility of marriage until his company, Cabrillo Technologies, went public in 1994. By then, the media followed closely with Charles and Richards' relationship and began speculating about the couple's wedding. In March 1995, Charles announced that he and Richards were engaged and that their wedding would be held some time that year. In preparation of the wedding, the Royal Mint of Sierra introduced a limited edition $1 coin commemorating the prince and his fiancée. The wedding was chosen to be held on November 11 and would be broadcast on live television. Over 50 million viewers around the world watched the wedding


Kingdom of Sierra

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Kingdom of Sierra

File:Royal Monogram of Charles II.png
The official royal monogram of Charles II.

Ascension and coronation

On October 17, 2005, Queen Elizabeth I passed away in her sleep at the grand age of 87. The queen's health was rapidly deteriorating and Charles had to fulfill much of her ceremonial duties in her place. Charles was personally at Elizabeth's deathbed and was among the first to deliver the news. As stipulated by the Constitution, Charles instantly became king of Sierra following his mother's death. After a state funeral was held for his mother, the newly instituted king was crowned in his coronation ceremony on January 4, 2006. At the ceremony, Charles chose the regnal name of Charles II in honor of his great-grandfather. Televised to an audience of 600 million people worldwide, Charles delivered his first royal speech immediately after his coronation commenting on the work and legacy of his mother as well as his plans for Sierra as the new king.

Contemporary career

Following Charles's investiture, he held frequent meetings with the prime minister and the Privy Council on various matters ranging from national policy to public relations. As king, Charles had to assent to any bill he received from Parliament in order for it to become law. In continuation of tradition, he delivered an opening speech annually in front of Parliament where he reported on the state of the kingdom and offered advice to the entire floor. Although no longer the head of Cabrillo Technologies because of his ascension as King, Charles continued to retain chairmanship with the company through a special arrangement between the government and the company. In order to keep his source of income and financial responsibility separate, Charles held a state account managed by the Royal Purse and a private account which he manages personally.

The king in respect to tradition, kept out of the partisan-dominated politics in Sierra although often spoke in support of preserving the Constitution and the rights of the people. On the matter of republicanism and the decision to retain the monarchy, Charles stated that "if the overwhelming majority desires the abolition of the throne", that he would abdicate and request Parliament to dissolve the structure entirely. He did abdicate on June 21, 2015 but instead of abolishing the monarchy, he allowed his daughter to succeed him.



Public perception and life

Charles II speaking at the Getty House Correspondents' Association Dinner event in 2014.

During his reign as the constitutional monarch of Sierra, Charles seldom expressed his own political opinions in public. Analysts noted that Charles's political views matched closely to that of a moderate conservative.

In addition to his official duties and functions, Charles continued to serve as a chairman for his company, Cabrillo Technologies. He was also either an honorary president or chairman for at least 50 separate foundations, organizations, and associations that supported a wide range of causes including cancer research and youth empowerment. Charles volunteers in social work, frequently attends charity funds, and participates in philanthropic events. He was named an "LN-Eminent Person" by League of Nations General Assembly for his efforts in 2011.

Married to Evelyn, Duchess of Cabo, the two raised three children: Elizabeth II, Marc, and Clara Maria. As legitimate offspring of the Crown, all were eligible to ascending the Crown in the event Charles abdicated, died, or was otherwise unable to fulfill his role as king. Elisa would succeed him as Queen Elizabeth II in the July of 2015. The royal family includes two Golden Labrador dogs: Gipper and Reilly.

Keeping with the royal tradition of maintaining contact with the public, Charles routinely made television appearances on network shows and even made cameo appearances in several movies. An avid television and movie enthusiast, the king made occasional visits to studio sets in Hollywood and has reportedly offer a change in a script once.

Charles is an avid bicyclist, golfer, and basketball playing. An outdoorsman, Charles has taken up various hobbies including fishing and skiing over the years. He has even started a foundation devoted to the promotion of fitness and health.

Public opinion on the former king has been generally favorable among Sierrans. In a recent poll, over 77% of Sierrans with over 5,000 participants, said they either held "very positive" or "mostly positive" views of the king's reign. In a follow-up poll, 72% believed that Charles reigned "effectively". In 2007, a trapdoor spider found along the Sierran coastline was named Aptostichus stanandrewi in honor of Charles's birth name, Stanley Andrew.


The Occidental Palace, the official private residence of Charles I and the royal family.

Charles's personal fortune has only been partially calculated from his private company, Cabrillo Technologies. While Crown Prince in 2003, Charles had an estimated net worth of $201 million. Newstar magazine estimated Charles's net worth to be higher in 2005 when he was crowned King at $421 million.

The finances and spending by the Sierran royal family has always been classified. Various sources contend that the current net worth of the king in 2015 to be around $503 million with the majority of this coming not from Charles's role as king but his continued presence and role in Cabrillo Technologies.

The various artifacts, artwork, jewelry, and fabrics found or kept throughout the Occidental Palace are not owned by the king but rather by the royal trust. In addition, the Sierran Crown Estate (with holdings about $4 billion), which includes the Occidental Palace, is not owned by the King or the royal family but rather in trust with the nation. The several residential estates the king does own are managed jointly by the Crown Estate.

Titles, styles, and arms

Monarchical styles of
Charles, Duke of Cabo
Coat of arms of Sierra.svgCoat of arms of Great Britain (1707-1714).svgCoat of arms of the Duke of Cabo.png
Reference style His Grace
Spoken style Your Grace
Alternative style Sir
  • May 13, 1963 – May 12, 1981: His Royal Highness Prince Stanley Andrew of Mojave
  • May 13, 1981 – October 15, 2005: His Royal Highness The Duke of Mojave
  • October 16, 2005 – June 21, 2015: His Royal Majesty, Charles II, by the Grace of God, King of Sierra, Britain, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, and Protector of the Sierrans, Sovereign of Los Pacifícos, the Gilbert and Ellice Islands, Rapa Nui, the Hawaiian and Midwayan Islands, the Sierran Samoa, the Deseret, and All Other Loyal Lands and Islands
  • June 21, 2015 – present: His Grace The Duke of Cabo

As sovereign, Charles held various titles and honorary military positions. As the head of the House of Columbia, the modern continuation of the House of Stuart, he chose to continue the tradition of claiming the Crown-in-pretense of the United Kingdom (which includes England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales) as a descendant of James II of England, who was deposed by William and Mary in the Glorious Revolution. After his abdication, he was allowed to retain his arms and was given the title of Duke of Cabo by Elizabeth II. Charles has received numerous honors and awards throughout the world. He has been inducted into more than ten different domestic orders and has received over thirty honors from thirty-two different countries. He also holds three honorary degrees from universities in Sierra and the United States.

When spoken to directly, it is customary to refer him initially as Your Royal Highness followed by subsequent use of Sir. Those who have personally acquainted with the Duke often call him by his former regnal name, Charles. While this manner of address is not official, it may be used if the Duke himself has personally allowed it. This form of address however, is considered rude if said during any official ceremonies or functions without the word Duke of Cabo following the name regardless of one's acquaintance or familiarity.

The title, Protector of the Sierrans, is rarely used to refer to the ruling and living ex-monarchs and although it appeared officially in his full style while he reigned, the term is more frequently associated with the deceased monarchs, most prominently, the king's great-grandfather, Charles I.


Name Birth Marriage Children
Elizabeth II of Sierra April 14, 1998 -- --
Princess Clara Maria, Duchess of Colorado June 13, 1999 -- --
Prince Marc, Duke of Sonora May 19, 2003 -- --




As sovereign, Charles took the highest precedence in all heraldic and knightly orders in Sierra including the Royal Order of the Rose of Sharon (ribbon depicted).
  • Sovereign Grand Master of the Celebrated Order of the Golden Poppy
  • Sovereign/Member First Class of the Royal Family of King Charles I
  • Sovereign/Member First Class of the Order of the Tricolor
  • Sovereign/Member First Class of the Order of the Encircled Star
  • Sovereign of the Order of Merit
  • Sovereign/Member First Class of the Order of King Charles I
  • Sovereign/Member First Class of the Order of King Louis I
  • Sovereign/Member First Class of the Order of King Louis II
  • Sovereign/Member First Class of the Order of King Louis III
  • Sovereign/Member First Class of the Order of Queen Elizabeth I
  • Member First Class of the Order of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Sovereign/Member First Class of the Royal Family of King Charles II
  • Member First Class of the Royal Family of Queen Elizabeth II
  • Grand Master of the Royal Order of the Rose of Sharon
  • Grand Master of the Royal Order of the Navel
  • Sovereign/Grand Cordon of the Order of the Harmonious Kingdom
  • Sovereign/Grand Cordon of the Order of the Pacific


  • Prime Ministerial Medal of Liberty (Distinguished)
  • National Medal for Science and Technology
  • Parliamentary Platinum Medal (Honorary)


Country Awards Ribbon
 Astoria Order of the Columbia River, Grand Collar
 Austria Decoration for Services to the Republic of Austria, Grand Star File:AUT Honor for Services to the Republic of Austria - 1st Class.svg
 Bahrain Order of al-Khalifa, Collar
 Belgium Order of Leopold, Grand Cordon File:Grand Crest Orde de Leopold.svg
 Botswana Presidential Order
 Brazil Order of the Southern Cross, Grand Collar File:Order of the Southern Cross Grand Collar Ribbon.svg
 Cameroon Order of Valour, Grand Cordon
 Chile Order of the Merit of Chile, Grand Collar
 Colombia Order of the Cross of Boyaca, Grand Collar
Template:Country data Côte d'Ivoire National Order of the Ivory Coast, Grand Cordon
 Czech Republic Order of the White Lion, 1st Class (Civil Division) with Collar Chain
 Denmark Order of the Elephant, Knight Grand Cross (8.8.1953)
 Egypt Order of the Nile, Grand Collar
 Finland Order of the White Rose, Grand Cross with Collar
 France Légion d'honneur, Grand Cross
 Italy Order of Merit of the Republic, Grand Cross with Cordon
 Jordan Order of al-Hussein bin Ali, Collar
 Kenya Order of the Golden Heart
 Kuwait Order of Mubarak the Great, Collar
 Liberia Order of the Star of Africa, Knight Grand Band
Order of the Pioneers of the Republic Knight Grand Band
 Luxembourg Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau, Knight
 Morocco Order of Muhammad, Grand Collar
 Nigeria Order of the Federal Republic, Grand Cordon
 Norway Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, Grand Cross with Collar
 Spain Order of the Golden Fleece, Knight
Order of Charles III Collar
 Sweden Royal Order of the Seraphim, Knight with Collar
 Thailand The Most Auspicious Order of the Rajamitrabhorn
The Most Illustrious Order of the Royal House of Chakri
 Ukraine Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, First Class
 United Arab Emirates Collar of the Federation


Family tree



  • I am Sierra (And So Can You!) (2001)
  • Memoirs from the Occidental Palace (2010)


  • The Goodwill of Nations (2005)
  • The Individual and Self (2011)


  • The Wagon Trail (2015)

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Charles, Duke of Cabo
Born: May 13 1964
Order of precedence
Preceded by Charles II
As the Sovereign of Sierra
October 17, 2005-June 21, 2015
Succeeded by