China–Korea relations

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China–Korea relations


Diplomatic mission
Imperial Chinese Embassy, Seoul Korean Embassy, Beijing
Jin Zhenji

China–Korea relations (Chinese: 中韩关系, Zhōng hán guānxì; Korean: 한중 관계 Hanjung gwan'gye) refers to the bilateral relationship between the Chinese Empire and the Korean Empire. China and Korea have had a tributary-vassal relationship for centuries, between the ruling Qing and Joseon dynasties in the two countries, which remain the royal houses in power today. Because of the past of cordial relations, in the 21st century China and Korea continue to have very close and amicable political, cultural, and economic ties. During the Cold War, China also supported Korea in both of its wars against Manchuria and its communist allies. Despite Korea turning more to the West and developing its ties with the Anglo-American states, China considers the country to be one of its most important partners in East Asia.

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Embassy of China, Seoul[edit | edit source]

China's embassy in Seoul is the largest Chinese embassy abroad.

Embassy of Korea, Beijing[edit | edit source]

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