Christian Democratic Party of Superior

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Christian Democratic Party of Superior
Leader Charles Griffith
Deputy Lindsey Andersen
Founded March 25, 1988; 32 years ago (1988-03-25)
Split from Conservative Party
Headquarters Omaha, Nebraska
Student wing Student Social Democrats
Youth wing Young Christian Democrats
LGBT wing LGBT+ Christian Democrats
Membership 213,093 (December 2019)
Ideology Christian democracy
Liberal conservatism
Fiscal conservatism
American unionism
Political position Purple flag waving.png Big tent to Center-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
Centrist Democrat International
American affiliation American Coalition for Liberty
Official colors      Orange
7 / 140
House of Delegates
33 / 365
American Parliament
0 / 36

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The Christian Democratic Party of Superior and unofficially known as the Christian Democrats of Superior, is a center-right Christian democratic political party in Superior. The party was formed in 1988 as a splinter of the Conservative Party of Superior and was formed from liberal conservative and Christian democratic wing of the party and for much of its early history, was a minor party that held limited power in Superian politics up until the 2010s when it started to gain traction and as of 2019 is a major third party in Superian politics following the 2019 Superian federal election.

The party was formed in opposition to the centrist direction that the Conservative Party was taking and was formed as a means of representing a liberal conservative, Christian conservative electorate which stopped the party from joining the United Popular Front and remained a seperate party once the United Conservative Party was formed. The party's main concerns is representing a more religious liberal conservative electorate and are concerned with foreign and domestic policy, investment in rural and non-urban communities, and preserving traditional Protestant Christian values held by many Superian citizens in the center of the country. In advertisements and in official statements, the Christian Democratic Party claims to be the party dedicated to the preservation of "traditional Judeo-Christian values". upholding long-lasting cultural and religious traditions, representing rural communities and advocating for greater investment in said communities. The party also espouses fiscal conservatism and a non-interventionalist defensive foreign policy.

For most of its history, the party was minor and held less than ten seats in the House of Delegates, but since the 2010s has grown and now holds 33 seats outof 365 along with seven seats in the High Council out of 140. The Christian Democrats have also won a number of state and local elections and have elected hundreds of officials to state and local offices across the country. While not having a sitting member in the American Parliament, the Christian Democrats are affiliated with the American Coalition for Liberty, a coalition of liberal conservative and Christian democratic parties in the Conference of American States.



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