Christian People's Party (Skandinavia)

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Christian People's Party (Skandinavia)
Kristelig Folkeparti
Leader Kjell Kristersson
Parliamentary leader Kjell Kristersson
Founded 1933 (in Norway)
Headquarters Øvre Slottsgate 18–20, Christiania, Skandinavia
Youth wing Young KF
Membership  (2018) 30,412
Ideology Christian democracy
Social conservatism
Traditionalist conservatism
Christian right
Political position Centre to centre-right
International affiliation Centrist Democrat International
Nordic affiliation Centre Group
Official colours     
30 / 359
Filker (Counties)
2 / 55

The Christian People's Party (Kristelig Folkeparti) is a christian democratic political party in Skandinavia.

Founded in 1933 in Norway, after the founding of Skandinavia in 1953, the party was recast with the union of the other christian democratic parties of Denmark and Sweden. While founded on the basis of advocating moral-cultural Christian issues, the party has broadened its political profile over time, although Christian values remains its core distinction. It is considered an overall centrist party.


The party focuses on moral Christian values such as the traditional family and protection of the weak, and the party opposes abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage and immigration, especially from Islamic countries. The party supports economic liberalism and maintains strong support for Israel. They also want to ban research on human fetuses, and have expressed skepticism for proposals to liberalise the biotechnology laws in Skandinavia.


Throughout its history the party has gone through various stages and ideological orientations, although always respecting the Christian essence in its political approaches. Its electoral base is solid but not very large, although it rebounds at a time when its potential voters feel "threatened" the Christian identity of the nation. Although it is a Christian-inspired party, there is no direct relationship with the The Church of Skandinavia.

During the 2011-2015 period the party aligned itself with the postulates of the social democratic government that it supported in some controversial votes. This support led to a loss of voters in the 2015 elections that almost broke the game.

After a change of leadership and a reaffirmation of the inalienable principles of the party, its results in the 2019 elections were even better than those of 2011.



2019 General elections[edit]

Having managed to trace their results in 2015, the 2019 elections have meant a significant increase in the number of representatives. The party has positioned itself as guardian of the Christian legacy in Skandinavia and has managed to capitalize much of the discontent over the secular policies of the leftist government.

Party leaders[edit]

Prime ministers[edit]