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Christian Republic of Västralige

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Christian Republic of Västralige

Kristen Republikc av Västralige
Flag of Västralige
'Motto: "May heaven be our guide"
Official languages Vastrige
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s) Västrige
Government Unitary Constitutional Christian Republic
De Facto Theocratic State
Moral High Council
• Estimate
Currency Västralige Vörg
Time zone TBD
Date format dd-mm-yy-mn
Driving side right
Internet TLD .vl

The Christian Republic of Västralige, also known as just Västralige is an island nation in Northern Europe.

Västralige is the only Christian Republic in the world. It’s government has been compared to that of Taliban Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is ironic as the government of Västralige has denounced both of these regimes and their religion.