Communist Party of Sierra

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Communist Party of Sierra
Chairperson Kenneth Morrison
Spokesperson Matthew Scott
Slogan Workers of the world, unite!
Founded October 11th, 1987
Headquarters 1877 31st Street, People's Suite, Antioch, San Joaquin
Newspaper People's Daily
Student wing College Communists
Youth wing Young Communists of Sierra
Membership 58,000+
Ideology Communism
Political position Red flag waving.png Far-left
International affiliation United Alliance of the Left
International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties
Official colors      Dark Reddish-Orange
0 / 44
House of Commons
1 / 250
Election symbol
Communist Party of Sierra logo.svg
Party flag
Communist Party of Sierra flag.svg

The Communist Party of Sierra, commonly known as COMPARS, the Sierran Communist Party the Communist Party, or the Reds in a derogatory sense, is a far-left communist political party in the Kingdom of Sierra. Formed in 1987, the Communist Party was formed as an anti-establishment and peaceful revolutionary organization advocating for the legal abolition of the monarchy and the creation of a republican government under the guiding principles of Landonism, the personal interpretation of Marxism by civil war-era leader and revolutionary, Isaiah Landon. The party itself was cracked down upon due to the Cold War still happening at the time of its formation, but crackdowns ended in 1989 as a result of the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. In the modern era, the Communist Party is a major fourth party, but has few seats in the Parliament of Sierra, though has hundreds of officials elected to various seats in local and provincial governments and legislatures. The party has been lead by Kenneth Morrison since 2012 with Matthew Scott being its most notable spokesman.

The party is one of the only major political parties, alongside the Progressive Socialists, that actively push for political republicanism and support the abolition of the monarchy denouncing it as an unequal and illegitimate institution. The party has run candidates in elections for the office of prime minister since 2012, but has won support in regional and local governments, especially in the Styxie in recent years due to the rise of dissident republicanism in the area.


Communism and Landonism have been present in Sierra since the 1870s when Marxist thought and economics were first articulated domestically by Senator Isaiah Landon, a prominent Sierran Civil War figure and revolutionary. Landon's theories and ideas on communism was influential in the subsequent development of Continentalism and later Leninism abroad. Within Sierra, Landon's association with radical republicanism and the Sierran Civil War stunted reception towards his ideas until the early 20th century. Newfound interest and appreciation for Landon reemerged among Sierran working class organizations and labor unions. The first communist parties in Sierra were the Farmer Union Party and Labor Party, both of which were founded in 1913 and 1917 respectively.


The symbol of the Communist Party of Sierra is two flags; the iconic red banner in the back and the civil flag of Sierra in the front with the purple star removed. Both flags are seen being hoisted by different poles behind each other with the tops being a green star representing the cause of republicanism and the party's support towards abolishing the monarchy. The green star is also a reference towards the Styxie province of San Joaquin where the party's headquarters is currently at. On the red flag is the date of 1848 written on the top, the latter of which is referring to the Revolutions of 1848, a continental-wide revolutionary wave of anti-monarchist, anti-autocratic liberal revolutions that called for change in Europe's political systems. On the Sierran civil flag, the date 1877 is written on the top and is referencing the year that the Sierran Civil War ended with the collapse of the Second California Republic and the capitulation of Isaiah Landon. Below that the party's name is written as COMPARS as a shortened stylized version.

Ideology and positions[edit]

The Communist Party of Sierra is a communist political party with adherence towards the principals of communism as dictated by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto. The guiding philosophy of Landonism and Marxism-Leninism is also a part of the country's overall ideology of a two-stage revolutionary development from a capitalist economic system to a socialist one. Landonism, the personal interpretation of communism according to Isaiah Landon, is also part of the party's ideology and calls for the resurrection of the Landonist system of government of the Second California Republic to govern all of Sierra. The party is opposed to the ruling House of Columbia and the monarchy and calls for the monarchy's abolition and for the wealth and property of the Sierran monarchs to be seized by the state and properly distributed among the general populace. The party seeks to bring back the public property system under Landon and for royal land to be seized by the state for collective farms and other state programs. The party also calls for the "social liberation" of the Sierran people and seeks to abolish all traditional cultural and social systems that impead the progress and rights for specific demographics and groups in Sierra, mainly the working class, lower-class Sierrans, women and others.



Economic issues[edit]

Social issues[edit]

  • Free, legal and unregulated access towards abortion.
  • The legalization of same-sex marriage and civil unions.
  • Restrictions on all religious institutions.

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