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Conservative Party (Pacífica)

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Conservative Party
Chairperson Stephen James Wallace
Founded August 10, 1848 (1848-08-10)
Headquarters 1002 Lanvender Building
Dayton, Pacífica
Student wing Student Conservatives
Youth wing Youth Conservatives
Membership 19,271,190 (2018)
Ideology Majority:
 • Social Conservatism
 • Economic Liberalism
 • Right Wing Populism
 • Anti-Americanism
 • Monarchism
Political position Center-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
Conservative Alliance (North American Union)
Official colors     
His Majesty's Senate
36 / 96
House of Deputies
113 / 260
American Congress
16 / 60

List of Pacífican political parties
Elections in Pacífica

The Conservative Party of Pacífica, commonly known as The Conservatives, is a social conservative and economic liberal political party in the Kingdom of Pacífica. The party is currently chaired by Stephen James Wallace and has over 19,000,000 members, making it the second largest party in terms of membership.

The Conservative Party, along with its main rival, the Social Democratic Party, are the oldest political parties in Pacífica and have dominated national politics. The Conservative Party is the oldest of the two, being founded on August 10th, 1848 just before the 1848 Pacífican General Election. The party promotes a conservative and traditionalist agenda and has been the leading opposition party in His Majesty's Parliament since 2012.


Social Issues

Economic Issues

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