Constitution and Unionist Party of Superior

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Constitution and Unionist Party
Verfassung und Unionistische Partei
Leader Lydia Bachmann
Chairperson Glen Bradshaw
Founded September 12, 1989; 30 years ago (1989-09-12)
Headquarters Des Moines, Iowa
Student wing Student Constitutionalists
Youth wing Young Constitutionalists
Membership 124,788 (2019)
Ideology National conservatism
Christian conservatism
Social conservatism
Superian nationalism
Hard Amerosceptism
Political position Blue flag waving.png Centre-right to Right-wing (includes far-right factions)
International affiliation International Democrat Union
American affiliation American Conservative Coalition (until 2018)
America of Nations (2018-Present)
Official colors           Purple and Gold
High Council
8 / 180
House of Delegates
20 / 365
0 / 8
American Parliament
1 / 36

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The Constitution and Unionist Party (German: Verfassung und Unionistische Partei) also known as the Constitution Party (German: Verfassungspartei) and the Tory Unionists is a right-wing political party in Superior and is one of the country's most notable conservative parties alongside the more larger and traditional United Conservative Party and the Christian Democrats. The party's headquarters is based in the the Iowa provincial capital of Des Moines and is currently lead by Lydia Bachmann since 2017.

The party was founded by Bob Heartman in 1989 as what an alternative option for conservative voters after leaving the Conservative Party over what he viewed as an insufficient commitment to traditional conservative values and principals. The party would rise in prominence and made up a coalition government in the early 2010s under the United Conservative Party before the latter was defeated in 2015 by the Liberal Democratic Party. Since 2015, the Constitution Party is part of the Official Opposition alongside the United Conservative and Christian Democratic parties respectively. The party holds only 28 seats in total within the Parliament of Superior with eight seats in the High Council and 20 in the House of Delegates. In the American Parliament, the party was part of the American Conservative Coalition until 2018 when it was suspended and later joined America of Nations.

Politically speaking the Constitution and Unionist Party leans heavily to the right and is further to the right than the Christian Democrats and most factions of the United Conservative Party. Since 2017, Bachmann has had the party embrace a New Right ideology and officially calls itself a right-wing party, but the party has a heavy presence of far-right factions who hold heavy influence in the party. The party adheres to a national conservative platform mixed in with social conservative heavily influenced by Christian conservative politics and views. The part is ardently supportive of the Crown and is favor of a complete withdraw from the Conference of American States, a position widely unpopular in Superior. The Constitution Party has been described as Superior's most controversial political party due to its far-right rhetoric, history of anti-LGBT and anti-immigrant policies and talking points, vocal opposition towards republicanism and efforts to politically crackdown on the movement and accusations of racism, sexism and xenophobia.



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