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Constitution and Unionist Party of Superior

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Constitution and Unionist Party
Verfassungs- und Unionistische Partei
Leader Anietta Johnson (WY)
Chairperson Glenn Bradshaw (NE)
Founded September 12, 1989; 34 years ago (1989-09-12)
Split from Conservative Party
Headquarters Des Moines, Iowa
Student wing Student Constitutionalists
Youth wing Young Constitutionalists
Membership 124,788 (2019)
Ideology National conservatism
Christian conservatism
Social conservatism
Superian nationalism
Hard Amerosceptism
Political position Blue flag waving.png Centre-right to Right-wing (includes far-right factions)
International affiliation International Democrat Union
American affiliation American Conservative Coalition (until 2018)
America of Nations (2018–Present)
Official colors           Purple and Gold
High Council
3 / 45
House of Delegates
17 / 262
1 / 15
American Parliament
5 / 43
Election symbol
Constitution and Unionist disc.svg

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Elections in Superior

The Constitution and Unionist Party (German: Verfassungs- und Unionistische Partei) also known as the Constitution Party (German: Verfassungspartei) and the Tory Unionists is a right-wing political party in Superior and is one of the country's most notable conservative parties, following the United Conservative Party and the Christian Democrats. The party is headquartered in Des Moines, the state capital of the state of Iowa. The party's current leader is Anietta Johnson, who has been representing the party since 2020.

The Constitution and Unionist Party was founded by Bob Hartmann on September 31st, 1989 in Des Moines, Iowa. Hartmann founded the Constitution and Unionist Party as an alternate to the largely liberal conservative Conservative Party for traditionalist voters. The party would see few successes during the latter part of the twentieth century, with as few as three or four representatives. However, in the 2003 Superian federal election, the Constitution and Unionist Party achieved its greatest success, winning fourteen seats in the House of Delegates and three seats in the High Council. The Constitution and Unionist Party would continue to remain apart of the opposition, even after the 2015 federal election. In 2018, the Constitution and Unionist Party entered a electoral and legislative alliance with the United Conservative Party and the Christian Democratic Party, uniting the right-leaning parties in the Parliament of Superior to oppose the Granholm government.

From 2015 to 2022, the Constitutional Unionists were part of the Official Opposition with both the United Conservative Party and Christian Democrats. After Anietta JOhnson was elected the party's leader in 2020, she became one of the three leaders of the Conservative Coalition of Superior, founded by Isaac Dillon in 2018 to oppose the Progressive Bloc, and garnered significant media attention, most of which has been negative. During the 2022 general election, the Constitutional Unionists won 17 seats, an increase by three, and won the second largest number of seats within the Conservative Coalition. Johnson was appointed deputy president by Isaac Dillon and the party joined government for the first time in its history. As of 2022, the party has 17 seats in the House of Delegates and three seats in the High Council. The party holds one governorship, Jeanne Louisa of New Anjou, and has five elected members of the American Parliament and is affiliated with America of Nations in the Conference of American States.

Since its foundation, the Constitution and Unionist Party has the leading right wing to far right political party in Superior, with accusations of xenophobia and bigotry being made throughout the party's history. The party adheres to a national conservative and nationalist platform, and has followed this platform since its foundation. Its platform is heavily inspired by Christian conservative doctrines. The party is very supportive of the Monarchy and is very critical of republicans. The Constitution and Unionist Party is popular in western and southern Superior, especially in Frontier, Wyoming, Montana, and New Anjou. Baby Boomers, Gen X'rs, and a surprising number of younger Gen Z'rs, rural, suburban, whites, Christians, and monarchists support the Constitution and Unionist Party and make up the majority of the party's base.



Early legislative gains

Booker government

Modern era


Ideology and platform

Political position

Economic issues

  • End continue funding of most welfare programs.
  • Decrease taxes for all Superians, regardless of status.
  • End most or all environmental and climate protection regulations.
  • Divert funding for a border wall between Superior and the United Commonwealth.
  • Privatize the Public Health Program and back private healthcare.

Social issues

  • Preserve traditional values in Superior.
  • Eliminate hate speech protections.
  • Educational reform in order to promote "patriotism and valor".
  • Curb illegal immigration through increase border security funding.
  • End the legalization of recreational drugs.
  • End PHP coverage for abortion and assisted suicide.

Foreign policy

Electoral history

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