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 This is a Constructed Worlds Wiki administration page.

The Constructed Worlds Wiki is administered and managed by an all-voluntary team of trusted editors whose mission and purpose is to uphold the wiki's principles and enforce its policies and guidelines. A variety of administration-related pages exist to educate and inform users about the various mechanisms, functions, and conventions in use on the wiki. Under the OCTS system, the Constructed Worlds Wiki administration on Miraheze is fully independent from and unconnected to the administrations on the Constructed Worlds Wiki Fandom and the Constructed Worlds Wiki Discord, regardless of overlapping members.

The wiki administration is divided into three tiers: Bureaucrats, Administrators, and Rollbackers. The responsibilities of the wiki administration include, but not limited to: maintaining major wiki pages across various namespaces, preventing and reversing vandalism, deleting pages, blocking and banning disruptive users, and improving the quality-of-life on the wiki. From time to time, the wiki administration may introduce new features or extensions due to Miraheze's generous support. The wiki administration is also the primary spokespeople and representatives of the Constructed Worlds Wiki.


Bureaucrats are the highest-level users on the Constructed Worlds Wiki (excluding Miraheze staff and administration with global rights). From a technical standpoint, bureaucrats have full sysop rights and have the exclusive ability to change user rights for other editors, including adding or removing administrators, as well as adding other bureaucrats. From a community standpoint, the administrative decisions and actions of bureaucrats take precedence over all other users, including administrators. Nonetheless, bureaucrats are still bound by the wiki's policies and guidelines, and their actions must reflect the wishes and general consensus of the community. The opinions of bureaucrats are tantamount to important policy decisions that affect the entire wiki.


Administrators are editors who have sysop rights. From a technical standpoint, administrators are able to utilize important housekeeping powers, including deleting or undeleting pages, blocking or unblocking users, and editing or moving restricted pages. From a community standpoint, administrators are trusted and well-known members of the community whose dedication and service is recognized as integral to the community as a whole. They are trusted to maintain the wiki, ensuring that it remains professional, tidy, and safe for all editors, and to take lead in community discussions. They may also serve as mentors, providing assistance and help for users in need.


Rollbackers are editors who have been granted the ability to rollback. Rollbacking allows users to quickly revert changes made by other users, usually in the context of vandalism. They are trusted users who are responsible for combating vandals and trolls. Although rollbackers lack sysop rights, they are nonetheless recognized as a part of the administration and their input is valued. They may be delegated responsibilities and oversight over certain matters pertaining to the wiki's administration or maintenance by the bureaucrats or administrators.

sSenior rollbacker

Retired and removed members

The following are members who have once served as a part of the administration team, but have since been retired or have been removed from administration. They are not necessarily retired from the wiki and retain rollback privileges unless otherwise noted.


Editors who wish to join the administration team should apply for a position at the request for user rights page. Rollbackers do not generally need to submit a request on the page. They may instead inquire about the position directly with Centrist16. Requests for bureaucratship or adminship must be submitted through the request for user rights page. Requests shall only be honored when clear and unambiguous community consensus has been attained. Openings for administrators are available only by announcement. It is recommended that one waits until an announcement has been made prior before proceeding for a request for rights as any requests off-season may be speedily denied regardless of any apparent consensus-building.


The Constructed Worlds Wiki Administration is informally divided into committees which each deal with an aspect or technical feature of the wiki.

Committee on Categories

Committee on Templates and Modules

Committee on Userboxes

Report vandalism

If you witness vandalism and lack rollback privileges, please report it immediately to the administration here. If you have Discord and are on the official Discord server, please alert the administration there. This method is preferred and more efficient in resolving the situation. If you are involved in an edit conflict with a suspected vandal, disengage, report, and await administrative response to handle the situation.

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