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 This is a Constructed Worlds Wiki administration page.
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The Attribution and Copyright Compliance Task Force (abbreviated ACCTF) is a Conworlds task force and project which aims to identify and resolve attribution issues involving the articles, templates, files, and categories of the Constructed Worlds Wiki. Its goal is to ensure the Constructed Worlds Wiki remains in good standing through its compliance with and respect for Miraheze's guidelines regarding proper attribution and copyright policies. Due to the nature of the Constructed Worlds Wiki first and foremost as a worldbuilding community wiki that seeks to emulate the appearance and style of Wikipedia, many of its articles are based on or inspired by Wikipedia. Consequently, it may feature articles which may or may not properly attribute its Wikipedia sourced material. Material which have been copied, transposed, imported, or derived from Wikipedia (and elsewhere) which fail to have proper attribution may be in violation of Wikipedia's or other similar sites' copyrights. The Constructed Worlds Wiki administration takes this very seriously as non-compliance or negligence may result in the wiki's own deletion. To that end, the ACCTF was created on 3 March 2023 to meet the demands and standards of proper attribution and copyright compliance. If you are interested in assisting the wiki with this important responsibility, please join the ACCTF today!

Scope[edit source]

The purpose of the ACCTF is to ensure that the Constructed Worlds Wiki is fully compliant with Miraheze Content Policy guidelines regarding copyrights and attribution. Members of the ACCTF are tasked with identifying existing pages (including but not limited to: mainspaced articles, templates, modules, categories, files, and personal sandboxes) which have not complied with proper attribution or copyright requirements. Solutions include amending the proper attribution notice, linking to the exact article(s) or source(s) used in on the Constructed Worlds Wiki article, or contacting the page's author(s) for further clarification. According to Wikipedia, proper attribution requires one of the following: 1) a URL to the page(s) being reused, 2) a URL to an alternative, stable online copy which is freely accessible, which conforms with the license, and which provides credit to the authors in a manner equivalent to the credit given on this website, or 3) a list of all authors. (Any list of authors may be filtered to exclude very small or irrelevant contributions. Non-free material which cannot be used even with attribution must be removed promptly.

The majority of reused content on the Constructed Worlds Wiki comes from either Wikipedia (or its sister sites such as Wikimedia Commons) or FANDOM (namely the Constructed Worlds Wiki Fandom or the Alternate History Wiki Fandom). In the case of the former, the following template may be used to create proper attribution: {{En-WP attribution notice}} (shortcut: {{WPAN}}). By default, the template will link the English Wikipedia article with the same name as the Constructed Worlds Wiki article, alongside the Creative Commons 3.0 License used on Wikipedia and a link to the article's edit history and authors. If the Wikipedia article's name is different, one may add an additional parameter within the template with the name of the target article. If an article has multiple Wikipedia sources, they must each be individually identified and contained within separate attribution notices. They may be stacked into a collapsible list and may appear at either the top or bottom of an article. {{Attribution box}} (shortcut: {{Atbox}}) may be used to stack multiple attribution notice templates. The ACCTF highly recommends placing attribution notices at the bottom of an article. In the case of latter, the same concept applies, meaning the article and edit history of the FANDOM articles must be linked (and the licensing information included) as part of the attribution.

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