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 This is a Constructed Worlds Wiki administration page.

Starting in 2023, the Constructed Worlds Wiki will hold awards in recognition of editors and content in various categories. Inspired by the Alternate History Wiki's Multiverse Awards, the Constructed Worlds Wiki Awards (name subject to change) will be based on community voting. The inaugural 2023 Constructed Worlds Wiki Awards will be held some time between January and February 2023 with categories for content created in 2022 as well as lifetime categories. The awards are distinct from content assessment and featured content.

At this time, nominations are closed and more details will be announced once the date for the awards are confirmed. Below are the tentative categories for the inaugural awards.

2023 awards[edit source]

Writers[edit source]

  • Ney Ney Award for Best Author
  • Best New Contributor
  • Best Supporting Writer

Projects[edit source]

  • Tolkien Award for Best World
  • Best New Project
  • Best New Biography Article
  • Best New Essential Article
  • Best New Flavor Article
  • Best New Altverse II Article
  • Best New Non-Altverse II Article
  • Best New Non-Mainspace Work

Content[edit source]

  • Best New Flag
  • Best New Emblem
  • Best New Map
  • Best New Logo
  • Best New Graphic
  • Best New Meme

Special nominations (Lifetime Achievements)[edit source]

  • Lifetime Achievement: Author
  • Lifetime Achievement: Project
  • Lifetime Achievement: Article
  • Lifetime Achievement: Emblem or Flag
  • Lifetime Achievement: Map or Graphic

All winners[edit source]

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