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Blocking is the method by which administrators technically prevent users from editing the Constructed Worlds Wiki. Blocks may be applied to users or IP addresses, or ranges of IP addresses, for a definite or indefinite time, to all or a subset of pages. Inherent to MediaWiki software, blocked users may continue accessing and reading the wiki, but cannot edit any page they are blocked from (including, if necessary, their own user and user talk pages).

Blocks are solely preventative measures to protect the wiki, its pages, and/or its users from disruptive and damaging actions. Blocks may never be used punitively for any purpose, including personal reasons. If users believe they have been improperly blocked, they are encouraged to consult the Appealing Policy.

Blocks are distinct from bans, although bans may be enforced through blocking. Bans are subject to its own policy and may be enforced across all three entities under the OCTS structure.

Purpose and goals[edit source]

Reasons for blocking[edit source]

Generally, one-time violations or minor violations may be subject to only a warning left on the user pages. However, certain violations may be grounds for immediate blocking, depending on severity.

Repeated offenses[edit source]

If a user is repeatedly violating Wiki rules, it may become necessary to escalate their punishment to become more severe. The first offense is punished using the rules outlined in the previous section. Repeated violations then escalates to the next punishment, following the hierarchy outlined in this list:

  1. Warning and deletion of offending content
  2. 1 day block
  3. 1 week block
  4. 1 month block
  5. 3 month block
  6. 1 year block
  7. Indefinite block
  8. Indefinite block with no appeal

On Discord, the following list is followed:

  1. Jail for ten minutes or less
    Alternatively just a warning for minor offenses
  2. Jail for one-half hour
  3. Jail for 1-6 hours
  4. Jail for 6-24 hours; potential wiki ban for one day
  5. Ban from discord for 1-7 days; potential wiki ban of same length
  6. Ban from discord for 1-4 weeks; potential wiki ban of same length

Evasion and enforcement[edit source]

Unblocking policy[edit source]

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