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Discord (official website) is a real-time chatting platform. The Constructed Worlds Wiki officially operates and maintains a server as an additional service to its central operations on Miraheze and Fandom.

Join[edit source]

The Constructed Worlds Wiki's official Discord server is located here. You must have a Discord account with a verified e-mail to join. Upon joining, you will be brought to a welcome channel where you may self-authenticate yourself if you have a registered account on Miraheze. Otherwise, you must ping Centrist16 for full access to the entire server.

Bots[edit source]

  • BakaBot
  • BibleBot
  • Bonfire
  • Cards Against Humanity Bot
  • Fredboat♪♪
  • Groovy
  • GoogleBot
  • IslamBot
  • MC Sayori
  • Mee6
  • NotSoBot
  • Sayori.chr
  • SmoogleTranslate
  • Tatsu
  • WikiAuthBot

Rules and ops[edit source]

A copy of the Discord's servers are available at Discord/Rules.

Users with sysop privileges on the wiki automatically have ops status on the Discord server, either as administrator or moderator.

Verification[edit source]

To verify your Discord account, type .auth when you join and follow the instructions that are sent to you via direct message. Otherwise, ping Centrist16 (@Centrist16) for verification.

Feed[edit source]

There is a #recent-changes channel that displays every change on the Constructed Worlds Wiki, including all normal edits and minor edits made to articles, templates, and files, and most logs such as page protections, user rights changes, and blocks.

Categories and channels[edit source]

Administration[edit source]

  • #manual – rules and general information about the server
  • #annoucement – announcements regarding the server and updates on the wiki, as well as updates from other select servers
  • #cwa – internal administration channel
  • #bot-testing – internal moderation channel
  • #mod-logs - internal moderation log channel

General[edit source]

  • #general – general discussion related to the Constructed Worlds Wiki and its community, as well as off-topic discussion
  • #showcase - channel to showcase artwork and page creations
  • #roleplay – channel where roleplay is written in-character (analogue to the wiki's namespace Roleplay:)
  • #recent-changes – live feed of all recent changes from the wiki

Projects[edit source]

  • #altverse-ii - Altverse II discussion
  • #project-exodus - Project Exodus discussion
  • #origo-mundi - Origo Mundi discussion
  • #merveilles-des-morte - Merveilles des Morte discussion
  • #offsite-projects - Offsite project discussions

Misc[edit source]

  • #shitpost – memes and shitposting content
  • #news-and-politics – politics and news discussion/debate
  • #religion – religious discussion
  • #minecraft – live feed of in-game chat from Ocean City, the Constructed Worlds Wiki's official Minecraft server and updates from Minecraft-related server
  • #vc-text – channel for users who cannot use voice in the voice chats
  • #bot-commands – channel to use bot commands as well as live feed of in-game logs from Ocean City

Archived[edit source]

  • #starboard
  • #emoji-war-i
  • #altverse
  • #doomposting
  • #entertainment
  • #finance
  • #nsfw
  • #project-genesis
  • #religion
  • #venting

Deleted[edit source]

  • #cqc

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