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Constructed Worlds:Other worldbuilding sites and resources

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This page exists to give those interested information concerning other websites relevant to worldbuilding. If you have such a site, or know of one, feel free to add it under a valid heading.

Constructed worlds and alternate history

Virtual countries

Useful resources

  • Behind the Name ( is name generator and a site for learning about all aspects of given names.
  • Fantasy Name Generator ( is great source of description generators, image generators, a wealth of game universe specific name generators and even a basic language generator.
  • Future Timeline ( - Future Timeline is a speculative timeline of future history. Little is mentioned concerning copyright, thus users can feel free to use some of the site's ideas. This is especially useful for sci-fi worlds.
  • Münz-Generator ( - Münz-Generator is a tool used for creating a coin. It gives you the choice to upload your own image as the centerpiece for the coin, which is useful when developing your world's currency. Note, the site is in German, but easy to navigate.
  • Open Directory Project ( - The Open Directory Project's page on worldbuilding provides links to other useful sites and generators. Non active, last update September 13, 2016.
  • Pimp My Gun ( - Pimp My Gun allows users to create their own firearms. This is especially useful for graphics on your arms industry pages.
  • Serendipity ( - Serendipity is filled with text generators, especially useful for fantasy worlds.
  • Space Engine ( - Space Engine is a download-only game-type application which allows you to traverse the Milky Way Galaxy as well as all other known bodies and entities in known space. It uses procedural generation for terrain unknown and adds random planets/galaxies if there is no information surrounding them in real life. A very useful thing if you're planning on creating a sci-fi conworld.
  • Vulgar (( is a constructed language (conlang) generator for fantasy writers and role players. Vulgar models the rules, irregularities and quirks of real languages: from grammar, to sounds, to vocabulary. As Trial the demo version with a 200 word output. Signup for a 4000 word vocabulary and extra features.
  • Worldbuilding 101 ( A primer seminar from Michael Rowley, the UK editor of The Martian and The Shadow Campaigns.
  • Worldbuilding Workshop ( a site dedicated to providing with resources, guides and tutorials.
  • WorldAnvil ( A useful site for creating worlds from scratch. It is still being developed and the developer and the CEO are active in the community. They hold monthly themes on their twitch channel ( and the site also host challenges with great prizes.
  • ( Various tutorials, resources and tips on world building.


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