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The Constructed Worlds Wiki is an online encyclopedic wiki which focuses on worldbuilding and speculative fiction such as alternate history, science fiction, and fantasy. As a community with diverse writers and perspectives, numerous underlying philosophies, theories, or tendencies–whether advertently or inadvertently–have emerged over the course of Conworlds' history. These philosophies deal with the meta aspects of the wiki and its contents. These include systemized approaches or theories on how a wiki should be organized, how a project should be written, how articles should be written, and how editors should approach content. The philosophies, also known as meta-philosophies, described may or may not be applicable outside of the Constructed Worlds. Some are universal philosophies that are present on various wikis such as Wikipedia and its sister wikis. Others are more relevant or specific to the Althistory–Conworlds continuum (wikis which focus on alternate history and worldbuilding). Some are more pertinent and locally relevant to Conworlds only.

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