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Constructed Worlds is a free online encyclopedia that focuses on worldbuilding, alternate history, and other forms of speculative fiction writing. It is a community of individuals interested in the pursuit of worldbuilding and editing in an encyclopedic style of format based on core principles. There are certain things that Constructed Worlds is not.

General[edit source]

Conworlds is not Wikipedia[edit source]

The Constructed Worlds Wiki is not Wikipedia. Although it imitates the style and content found on Wikipedia, it is not meant to be a replacement. The content written on the Constructed Worlds Wiki should be written in-universe from a constructed worlds, not the real world or OTL. In addition, while the Constructed Worlds Wiki's policies and guidelines are inspired by Wikipedia, and in some cases, identical to the ones expected or found on Wikipedia, this does not mean that the Constructed Worlds must be completely like Wikipedia. Certain policies and guidelines on Wikipedia, such as verifiability and original research, are contrary and untenable to the Constructed Worlds by the very virtue of the wiki. Furthermore, it must be emphasized that, Constructed Worlds articles are not:

  1. Real or factual. The content described in Constructed Worlds articles, including those based in the real world or on real world subjects, are fictional. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
  2. Self-contained or tangential replacements. Although Constructed Worlds articles may cover real world subjects (especially in the context of alternate history timelines), they do not exist in of themselves and are not intended to be standalone, "alternative" versions of real world subjects. In other words, a Constructed Worlds article on milk should not be created simply because there would be some slight differences from Wikipedia's entry on the real world use of milk. Unless a Constructed Worlds project demonstrates a clear need to create such an article, which is able to have substantive amounts of divergence from the real world Wikipedia counterpart, the article should not be created.
  3. Databases or storage pages for Wikipedia articles. Constructed Worlds articles should not simply be storages for versions of Wikipedia articles. If a link to a Wikipedia entry is necessary, use {{W}} or create a soft redirect instead.

Conworlds is not Fandom[edit source]

The Constructed Worlds is not a wiki that is meant to document or host wiki articles related to fandoms. Although fandom-based conworlds are certainly allowed and welcomed, the Constructed Worlds Wiki is not a community that will host articles actually set in the canonical universes of established franchises or intellectual property. For example, the Constructed Worlds Wiki allows constructed worlds based on Minecraft but will not allow articles based on the actual gameplay or mechanics of Minecraft.

Conworlds is not a soapbox or means of promotion[edit source]

The Constructed Worlds is an open repository for all individuals interested in worldbuilding or speculative fiction in general. It is not however, a place or vehicle for propaganda, advertising, or showcasing. Although there are certain articles which allow users to add links to other sites or resources, the Constructed Worlds Wiki is not a place to actively recruit people. Therefore, content hosted on the Constructed Worlds is not for:

  1. Advocacy, propaganda, or recruitment of any kind: commercial, political, scientific, religious, national, sports-related, or otherwise. Articles should not exist for the sole purpose of achieving ulterior motives outside the scope of the community.
  2. Opinion pieces. The Constructed Worlds Wiki shall not be used as a medium to promote any kind of opinion pieces on real world topics, current events, or affairs. Although contributors are free to discuss such matters on Discord or elsewhere, the wiki itself is not the place to engage in such discussion.
  3. Scandal mongering. Constructed Worlds Wiki content should not personally attack real-life people or function as libelous content. The privacy of real-life individuals must be respected.
  4. Self-promotion. Constructed Worlds Wiki articles should not serve merely as vehicles for self-promotion of your own works. Although you may show off your achievements and accomplishments on your userpage, such content has no place on the main space.
  5. Advertising, marketing, or public relations. Information on the Constructed Worlds Wiki should be strictly within the context of worldbuilding or constructed worlds. They should not be about real world subjects or topics. Any meta-information about Constructed Worlds community users or organizations should be kept within the proper namespace, and never on the main space.

Conworlds is not a mirror or repository of links, images, or media files[edit source]

Constructed Worlds Wiki articles are not merely collections of external links, internal links, public domain material, or media files without context. Although some articles may be lists or galleries, they must provide context and serve some function or purpose beyond being mere repositories. Such content, if necessary, should be placed in other namespaces besides the main space.

Conworlds is not a social networking or blogging site[edit source]

Constructed Worlds Wiki is not a place to host your own website, blog, wiki, or a social media site. It is not to be used to solicit or harass users for personal information. All communications done on the Constructed Worlds Wiki should be professional and courteous, and should never cross the line of any romantic or sexual overtures without the consent of both parties. Even in instances of consent, please keep personal or private communications off of the wiki (including the user board), and take it elsewhere.

Conworlds is not an indiscriminate collection or sandbox of fiction[edit source]

Although the Constructed Worlds Wiki encourages all forms of speculative fiction writing, especially worldbuilding, it is not a place to simply create whatever one desires without restraint or purpose. Deliberative trolling or non-serious attempts to write content (except in the context of satire) are unacceptable. It is also not a place to intentionally create shock or disturbing content, a place to freely display overly graphic or sexual content, or a place to overtly promote political, religious, or ideological subtext, even in the context of worldbuilding. Content should be meaningful and natural, and not simply be a wanton exercise of "writing whatever". Just because one theoretically can write about something, it does not mean that one should write about it. For example, while there is nothing stop you from writing about your secret gore fetish within the context of your world, it does not mean you should write it here.

Community[edit source]

Conworlds is not anarchy[edit source]

The Constructed Worlds Wiki is free and open but it is not a forum for unregulated free speech. The freedom and openness of users are restricted insofar as to ensure the community is able to function properly without disruption. Hateful content, including racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, religious discrimination, and other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated. This restriction conditionally applies to Constructed Worlds Wiki articles written in-universe. Care and candor must be applied when using or describing hateful content within the context of a conworld setting. If any hateful content within a conworld could potentially be perceived by a reader as a clear or indicative viewpoint of the author(s) involved through subtext, such content shall be disallowed.

Conworlds is not a bureaucracy[edit source]

The Constructed Worlds Wiki has many elements of a bureaucracy, although it is not an organization with any quasi-judicial or jurisdictional powers. Although it has policies and guidelines, they do not amount to the form of statutory law. The policies and guidelines of the wiki are based on widely practiced standards and conventions within the community, and established through precedent and consensus-building decisions. The policies are not meant to be construed in a literalist or legalistic manner. The spirit of the policies and guidelines should be followed, and disagreements should be resolved through consensus, not through strict adherence to policies. In addition, none of the policies or guidelines on the wiki, except those set in compliance with Miraheze's Terms of Service or Code of Conduct, are set in stone. They are perpetually open for debate and may be changed to reflect changing consensus.

Conworlds is not a democracy[edit source]

The decisions undertaken by the Constructed Worlds Wiki as a whole is through discussion and consensus, not by voting. Although proposals and other discussions may be decided through voting, the actions of the Constructed Worlds Wiki administration are ultimately based on the overall consensus of the community. As such, there are no elections or deliberative bodies that exist to "represent" users.

Conworlds is not a battleground[edit source]

The Constructed Worlds Wiki is not a place to hold grudges, harbor ill will, import interpersonal conflicts or drama, encourage gossip, or to threaten or intimidate individuals. Try to avoid making personal attacks or conflicts on the wiki and do not use the Constructed Worlds Wiki to prove a point.

All users are called to always assume good faith and to treat one another with civility and respect. In the spirit of cooperation, no one should be demeaning, ridiculing, or demoralizing one another. If another user acts contrary to the principles of goodwill and cooperation, do not respond back in kind. Ignore and disregard disruptive users and remained focus on the wiki. Allow the administration to handle users who repeatedly engage in bad faith or inappropriate behavior.

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