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Continentalism (also known as Continental–Landonism) is a syncretic political ideology incorporating elements of irredentism, federal regionalization and Marxism-Landonism. It is the official ideology of the Continentalist Party and the United Commonwealth. Continentalism seeks to unify the nations of North America through a form of federalization and incorporation with the goals of establishing a single unified polity with the goal to bring about a socialist society. The ideology espouses elements of radical republicanism, aggressive foreign policy and acts as the ideological adaptation of Landonism within the United Commonwealth. Adapted from the writings and proverbs of Aeneas Warren and Zhou Xinyue, it has acted as a engine for left-wing nationalism within the Continental States and has established a specific national identity within the state. Throughout the Conference of American States the ideology of Continentalism is seen as an aggressive, and has ultimately lead to the permanent exclusion of the Continental States from the organization.

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