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Continentalist Party of Labor

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Continentalist Party of Labor
Chairperson Jeanne-Lucille Desmarais
Founded December 1, 1889 (1889-12-01) (as the Party of Labor)
March 21, 1920 (1920-03-21) (as Continentalist Party of Labor)
Headquarters TBA
Student wing League of Socialist Students
Youth wing Continentalist Youth of America - Tournesol Region
Membership 100,000 (2017)
Ideology Continentalism
Civic nationalism
Christian socialism
Left-wing nationalism
Political position Red flag waving.svg Left-wing to far-left
International affiliation Landonist International
Official colors      Crimson
People’s Congress
100 / 100

The Continentalist Party of Labor, abbreviated as CPL and commonly referred to as the Tournesol Continentalist Party or the Labor Party, is the founding and the ruling party of Tournesol. The party was originally founded in 1889 as the Party of Labor and was to represent the organized labor movement in Tournesol. The party was rebranded in 1920 as the Continentalist Party due to the successful spread of Continentalism and Landonism as a result of the Continental Revolutionary War in the United Commonwealth. The party would take power in the 1930s as a result of the Tournesol Revolution and the creation of the modern Tourneser state.

Prior to the revolution, the Party of Labor had gained a strong following among working class citizens, but was opposed by the Republic of Tournesol which saw the prevent it from gaining power and engaged in legal and illegal mains to suppress the party. It would gain power following an invasion of Tournesol by the United Commonwealth during Great War I where the party was put into power. The party would institute Landonist ideology and policies nationwide, drafting a new constutiton and new political institutions along with purging non-Landonist elements from all forms of economic, political, social and cultural positions of power and life.



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