Continentalist Party of Sierra

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Continentalist Party of Sierra
Chairperson Zelda Winnifred
Founded March 1, 1922 (1922-15-01)
Headquarters Porciúncula
Student wing Green Guard
Youth wing Continentalist Youth of America
Young Pioneers
Membership 9,000 (2019)
Ideology Continentalism
Political position Red flag waving.svg Far-left
International affiliation Landonist International
Official colors      Crimson
0 / 155
House of Commons
0 / 326
Party flag
Flag of Sierra (Continentalist).svg

Politics of the Kingdom of Sierra
Political parties
The Continentalist Party of Sierra is a Marxist–Landonist political party in Sierra that adheres to Continentalism. Founded in 1922, the CPS has never been elected to parliament or a local legislature, and thus has never had an elected Prime Minister. Despite this and their small size, the CPS has made itself known on the political scene through activism, protesting, and social media.

The party has been historically linked with the Sierran labor movement, Sierran republican groups, and Continentalist parties worldwide. It was initially suppressed alongside a number of other left-wing parties during the height of the Sierran Cultural Revolution. Party leaders were arrested and tried for treason and sedition while party members were harassed or even killed by members of the Purple Guard and other government forces. The party was forced to work as an underground organization until the end of the Crimson Scare. Its support for the United Commonwealth and Continentalism alienated from other major Sierran left-wing parties such as the Communist Party of Sierra (COMPARS) which were more closely affiliated with the Marxist–Leninist ideology of the Soviet Union. The party received funding and political support from the United Commonwealth, which subjected the party to public suspicion and government scrutiny through a series of investigations and audits in the 1970s and 1980s. It also functioned as a covert apparatus for Continental espionage and intelligence activities in Sierra.

In the 21st century, the Continentalist Party is one of the most significant minor registered parties and has grown in popularity, especially among the youth and in urban areas. It promotes transforming Sierra into a socialist state in line with the United Commonwealth which operates under the principles of Landonism. One of its major policy proposals is the outright abolition of the monarchy.

History[edit | edit source]

Isaiah Landon is credited for publicizing and making the works of Karl Marx and Frederich Engels more accessible to Anglo-American readers. He played an important role as a Republican leader during the Sierran Civil War and penned most of his thoughts on socialism and Marxism after his capitulation and subsequent life sentence to house arrest. Landon's ideas on socialism were largely overshadowed by his contributions to republican thought in Sierra and no significant political party, including the Democratic-Republican Party, took Landonism. As labor movements and left-wing organizations emerged during the Gilded Age, such movements were met with considerable opposition and resistance by the government and major parties. The First Red Scare during the early 20th century and the Sierran Cultural Revolution ostracized leftism, including Landonism, even within the culturally republican Styxie. The party traces its pre-founding origins to the late 1910s by colleagues Zhou Xinyue and Aeneas Warren at The Presidio, The Military College of San Francisco. The two figures were committed Landonists who later led the Continental Revolutionary War.

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