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Continentalist Party of the Northeast Union

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Continentalist Party of the Northeast Union
Chairperson Henry Snijder
Founded May 1, 1917 (1917-05-01)
Headquarters 89 Swan Street, Buffalo, Erie
Student wing Northeastern Student Continental Forum
Youth wing Continental Youth of the Northeast
Yankee Boys
Membership 1.2 million (2016)
Ideology Continentalism
Social democracy
Christian socialism
Civic nationalism
American Unionism
Political position Left-wing
International affiliation Socialist International
United Federalists of America
Official colors      Spanish orange
4 / 36
House of Representatives
14 / 135
American Parliament
2 / 27
2 / 18

Political parties in the Northeast Union
Elections in the Northeast Union
New England Question

The Continental Party of the Northeast Union (CPNU) is a major party of the Northeast Union. Founded in 1919, by John D. Ironsmith, a Social-Democrat, its purpose at first was to unite the Northeast Union with the United Commonwealth. It grew as a anti-corruption, pro-labor and militant fraternal organization with the intent to overthrow the ruling and dominant Liberal-Republican Party. Officially within its charter it identifies as a left-wing political party adhering to social democracy, Christian socialism and pan-American civic nationalism. Its center enduring foreign policy is to unite with the United Commonwealth to restore the United States of America.

Within the Constitution of the Continentalist Party, the National Committee is considered the highest body of the party, meeting every four years. The National Committee is composed of delegates from cities and states. The Continentalist Party has remained controversial in the coastal, northern and eastern parts of the country, as to their perceived ties to the Continentalist Party of the United Commonwealth. Many believe the party is but a puppet of the Central Comittee of the UC Continentalist Party.

Throughout the history of the party, it has only come to be part of the governing coalition twice: 1942-1946 with the Social-Democrats, and from 1990 to 1992 with the progressive wing of the Liberal-Republicans.



Continental Revolutionary War

Creation of the Continental States



Central Committee

Political positions


  • Support full employment of the population.
  • Establish a syndicalist workplace in all industries and businesses.
  • Ensure housing, food and healthcare for all citizens regardless of cost.
  • Control the economy by safeguarding the currency and controlling inflation.


  • Support and enforce the Nine Virtues of the People
  • Oppose easy access to abortion in accordance with Christian aesthetics
  • Support and enforce temperance, by combatting smoking, drug and alcohol consumption, gambling, consumerism and promote good morals in the public.
  • Promote allegiance to the United States and to unification.
  • Support Christian aesthetics in public, oppose separation of church and state.
  • Enforce military service for every able-bodied male with no exception.

Foreign relations

  • Maintain close ties with the United Commonwealth and Tournesol.
  • Negotiate for the Northeast Union to join the United Commonwealth to reform the United States.
  • Maintain and strengthen ties with the United Commonwealth.
  • Support and strengthen ties with other CAS member states.
  • Promote a sense of cultural unity and common identity among Anglo-American citizens.
  • Support further integration into the CAS.

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