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Cornwall is a representative democracy occupying the Cornish peninsula in southwest Britain. It was a successor kingdom to ancient Britain (Kymry) and was ruled by England for about 400 years until after the end of the Russo-British Spoil.


In 1903 protesters picketing against land being confiscated & Cornish regiments being sent to fight rebels in Brittany by Queen Audrey were fired on by English troops. The leader of the rally, Mark Jones, was killed. His brother-in-law, Glyn Barthur led the rebellion. He was killed in the battle of Bristol, inspiring his troops to take the city in a decisive battle. The English sued for peace, Queen Audrey signing the Treaty of Bristol on April 3rd, 1906, exchanging the city for Cornish independence. Glyn's widow Meredith Barthur, was elected president by a sizable margin.