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Craig Dalton

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Craig Dalton
Craig Dalton in 2017
Owen Matthews

May 28th, 1980 (age 39)
Nationality Northeastern
Occupation Comedian
Political activist
Organization Institute for Rational Policy
Known for Alt-right activism
Political party New Republican

Craig Dalton (born May 28th, 1980) is a Northeastern-born stand-up comedian, actor, and alt-right political activist. He was born and raised in New York City, New Netherlands and eventually moved to Grands Ballons, Kingdom of Sierra where he would kickstart his comedian career in 2006. He toured Sierra and even other nations in Anglo-America such as Rainier and Brazoria.

In 2016, Craig began entering into politics in response to the election of Daniel McComb as Prime Minister of Sierra. He defended McComb, but later became an ardent supporter of his successor, Nemesis Heartwell, in 2017 and has been an outspoken defender of her since she ascended to the office of the prime minister. In 2018, Dalton joined the Institute for Rational Policy, a known alt-right think tank, and is now the host of a right-leaning podcast called The New Americans. Dalton is also a member of the New Republican Party, a minor conservative political party in the Northeast Union and is a member of its New Right Caucus.

Early life

Craig Dalton, originally born as Craig Matthews, was born on May 28th, 1980 in New York City. He spent the first six years of his life in the city, but his family moved to Lowville in New Netherlands. He started out his future comedian career in high school where he did stand-up at his local school in 1996. He graduated two years later and attended the University of New York. He dropped out in 2001 and eventually moved to Sierra where he enrolled in the University of Sierra and graduated in 2005.


Craig Dalton firs began standup in 2006 in Grands Ballons at a local comedy center in the city. His reception was overall positive and later did other events at other comedy clubs in Sierra. In 2007 he traveled back to New York to do a comedy skit in the city and worked with a local comedy group and stared in a play called The Dutchmen, a satirical play about the Dutch colonization in the Americas. In 2010 he stared in a satirical film called Coastal Folks, a mockumentary film about the people of the Sierran province of San Francisco. The documentary was produced by Liberty Films, an independent film company known for producing films in support of various right-wing politicians and candidates across Anglo-America. In the film, Dalton is one of four men who do street interviews with the city's inhabitants and ask them questions relating to their political positions. The purpose of the film was to expose the ignorance of the people of the province on major issues. The film was met with mixed reception with some praising the film for calling out ignorance while others accused the film of strawmaning the makers' political opponents.

Political activism

Craig Dalton got into the political scene in 2010 with Coastal Folks where he was fully aware of the political intent of the film. During an interview in August, Dalton said that the film was "mean to expose the general ignorance and unknown severity of indoctrination that the lefty folks have gone through". In 2011, Dalton became vocal in his criticism and opposition to undocumented immigration and voiced support for conservative politicians in Brazoria during the country's 2012 election. In 2016, he supported Royalist candidate Daniel McComb in the the general election against his Democratic-Republican opponent, Terry Scott. Dalton accused Scott of being a left-wing extremist and gave speeches supporting McComb accusing Scott of plotting to abolish the monarchy and claimed that he would turn Sierra into a "Venezuelan socialist nightmare". After McComb was forced to resign due to sexual abuse and rape allegations in 2017, Dalton defended McComb and accused his accusers of being liars and agents for the "leftist establishment of the Democratic-Republicans" in a podcast episode. He supported Nemesis Heartwell taking over as prime minister and has been an advocate for her since her ascension as prime minister.

Institute for Rational Policy

In October 2017, Dalton announced that he had joined the Institute for Rational Policy, a think tank operating in Plumas that is known for espousing alt-right talking points and nativist rhetoric. Dalton became a member of the institute's Board of Public Affairs and by January 2018, he became the Head of Communications and Public Affairs for the IRP. Since 2018, Dalton has been the most prominent and leading public representative and spokesman for the IRP and has given speeches, attended far-right and alt-right rallies and even met with right-wing politicians in Anglo-America in order to advise them on policy.

Political views

Craig Dalton's political views have gone through a major shift over the course of his career. When he first began standup, he was a known libertarian supporting the Libertarian Forum and supporting its candidates in various elections. In an April 2009 interview with the New York Times, Craig said that he was "an avid libertarian" though by that time he was shifting more and more rightward admitting that his stances on social issues had taken a "rightward approach" since 2008. By 2014 Dalton was conservative and many of his routines promoted conservative ideas and mocked left-wing and liberal politicians in Sierra and Anglo-America as a whole. In 2016 he came out as alt-right in an interview with Resurgence stating "the modern political right in Sierra and Anglo-America has failed us and it's time for a new direction, a new alternative and a new right". He's since been promoting alt-right groups and politicians and his podcast has been accused of being an "ideological stronghold" and jumping pad for the alt-right.

Social issues

From 2006-2011, Craig held socially liberal positions on various social issues from abortion to same-sex marriage saying that such decisions were best left in the hands of individuals. In 2009 Dalton commented on the fourth anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage in New Netherlands saying that "while it may be against my religious beliefs, I do believe that marriage is something that the individual should be handling not the government". In the same interview he gave the same reasoning or supporting easy access to abortion, though he admitted that he was more opposed to it than same-sex marriage saying that the latter didn't "kill children prematurely". His stance changed in 2014 where he claimed that the legalization of same-sex marriage in the provinces of Sierra, especially in the Styxie, was "a frontal attack on traditional Anglo-American values" and claimed that the Democratic-Republican Party was betraying its voters.

In a 2016 interview, Craig said that he was pro-life and would oppose any loosing of restrictions on abortion claiming that it was immoral and "invalid" after six weeks. During an episode on his podcast in 2018, Dalton said that he was "mixed" on abortion saying that while he opposed it and was pro-life, he feared that over regulating or banning it would lead to an "underground abortion network" and said that a nuanced discussion on abortion regulation was valid. He also claimed in the same episode that social issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage were "small potatoes" compared to other major issues affecting Sierra and other Anglo-American nations, mainly refusing to major political issues such as healthcare in Sierra and policies from the American Parliament.

Foreign policy

From his days as a libertarian to alt-right activism in the present, Dalton has always adhered to a strict noninterventionist foreign policy. When the Iraq War began in 2003, Dalton opposed it and in an interview denounced the invasion as illegal, unjust, and irresponsible. He campaigned with Libertarian Forum candidate John Wellington in the 2004 presidential election where he ran as the leading anti-war candidate in the race. In 2004, Dalton said that he would only support intervention if Anglo-Ameirca was threatened, but rejected isolationism. His stance changed in 2016 where he came out as an isolationist accusing the modern globalized world of being "overrun with parasite politicians, corrupt foreign businesses, and globalists obsessed with ending the idea of national sovereignty" in a 2016 interview with the Bernheim Daily. Since 2017, Dalton has argued against any kind of military intervention and believes that Anglo-America should "close its doors and let itself prosper" during an episode of his podcast.

Immigration and identity

Dalton was relatively silent on the issue of immigration up until 2011 after his political views shifted in a conservative direction. After a standup routine in Fort Travis, Kings in 2011, Dalton said he was opposed to illegal immigration claiming that it was "overrunning social services in Sierra with too many takers for the makers". He also claimed that Sierra's healthcare system would collapse under the weight of unregulated immigration and advocated for greater restrictions on the border. In 2015, Dalton said that he was in favor of building a multi-layer border fence, but escalated that position to a border wall in 2016. In a speech he gave in 2017 in support of Nemesis Heartwell, Dalton said that Heartwell should "build a wall mighter than the great one of China and stronger than the one in Berlin". After joining the Institute for Rational Policy, Dalton has made a proposed border wall one of his top issues as communications director and head spokesmen of the organization.

Since his shift to the alt-right, the idea of national identity and national sovereignty has been a major talking point for the IRP and Dalton's ideology. Dalton calls himself a "proud ultranationalist" and is opposed to any institution or movement that he sees as a threat to the national sovereignty of Sierra or other Anglo-American nations. Dalton is highly critical of the Conference of American States and identifies as a hard ameroskeptic. He's been calling for Sierra to leave the CAS since 2017 and has called for the intergovernmental organization to be disbanded to preserve "Anglo-American sovereignty". Dalton has expressed disappointment with Heartwell over her refusal to leave the CAS, but says that it doesn't haver his support for her and has praised her criticism of certain CAS policies such as the Amero, a proposed currency for the CAS. He's also voiced support to the American Conservative Coalition in the American Parliament claiming that they're "vanguards in the fight to preserve our traditions" during a 2018 speech at a meeting held by the IRP.

Anglo-American conservatism

Since Dalton's shift towards the alt-right, he has been openly critical of mainstream conservatism in Anglo-America which is common among other alt-rightists. He's accused modern conservatism of being burdened by "moderate cowards" and claims that Anglo-American conservatives won't win unless they adopt a "radical new alternative direction for the country" according to an interview he gave in December 2017 after joining the IRP. He's accused mainstream conservatives of being weak when it comes to defending traditional customs and moral values and believes that they should be uncompromising and should actively shame leftist beliefs out of the public sphere saying "the enemy is trying to shame them into submission. It's time they shame them back, keep them down and make their values the only values". Dalton has said that Sierran conservatism was the best kind in Anglo-America due to individuals like Heartwell, but claimed that it was worn down by "moderate weakling centrists".

Self-determination and separatism

One of Dalton's most controversial positions is his view on self-determination and separatism, specifically ethnic separatism. In 2014, Dalton was interviewed by Vanguard and said that he supported the idea of self-determination saying "all people should have the right to determine their own futures no matter what". In the same interview, Dalton said that he opposed violence saying "violence is a last resort for me and if used first, you've basically given up what justification you had". He changed his position in 2016 following his shift to the alt-right saying that self-determination was "a gift all peoples are entitled to and should never surrender. They must defend it at all costs using whatever means necessary" in a speech given in 2016 to a group of alt-right activists. In 2016, he voiced support for Ukrainian nationalists and called on them to revolt if necessary in order to achieve their independence. After joining the Institute for Rational Policy in 2017, Dalton has used the organization to further promote what the SPLC calls "extremist separatism" as he's voiced support towards ethnic nationalism and separatism saying "diversity works for some nations like Sierra, but not others and it's only right that specific groups assert themselves and not cave in to the demands of radical minorities".

Other political positions

Dalton has been supportive of the Royalist Party since 2016 and resisted as a party voter in 2017 after Heartwell took over as prime minister. In the winter of 2018, Dalton traveled back to the Northeast Union to support Jackson Fallwell of the newly formed National Front, a far-right nationalist political party, in his run to be governor of New Netherlands. Dalton has been supportive of right-wing candidates in Anglo-America and voiced his support for Richard Baron as leader of the National Union Party of Rainier.

Dalton is an anti-feminist and claims that feminism has made modern women unhappy and blames the ideology for McComb's scandal and resignation.

Dalton is a devout Christian and believer of Judeo-Christian ethics and believes that they form the corner stone for modern civilization. He's accused Anglo-American liberals and leftists of trying to remove such beliefs from the public square as part of a conspiracy to undo the "fabric of Anglo-American and civilized society". He's accused atheism and secularism for causing unhappiness in modern society and has accused groups such as the Sierran Humanist Association and similar groups of being "secular propagandists".

Dalton has mixed opinions about continentalism saying that while he opposed physical continentalism, the reunification of Anglo-America into a single nation that's a restored United States, he's voiced support to cultural continentalism. Dalton has also stated that he supports the idea of a restored United States as a confederation of sovereign nations with a decentralized federal government. When interviewed by the Continental Daily, Dalton said "an American confederation would be a good compromise in my opinion. We have Anglo-America restored as a single nation, but the independence and autonomy of the region's nations is still preserved". When asked if the CAS could help with that cause he denied it saying "the CAS is too corrupt to bring about an effective and stable confederation. The parliament along would ruin everything and the American Confederation would collapse after less than half a decade from the parliament's incompetence".

Personal life

Craig Dalton has been private about his personal life, though he has admitted some details in certain interviews. In 2001, Dalton talked about how he started his comedian career in high school and said that it was a "very lucky first start for me" as he performed well among his audience and accepted constructive criticism from hem. Dalton has admitted that he was inspired by George Carlin due to his legacy and impact as comedian and how he was also born in New York like he was. When Carlin passed away in 2008, he mourned him. Dalton admitted that he still honors Carlin, though he has criticized the late comedian as a "leftwing radical" and compared him to Terry Scott due to the issues both men brought up.

Dalton identifies as Christian and says that he's a devout protestant. Dalton claims that his protestant faith gives him meaning and is the reason or his opposition towards irreligious beliefs.


"Latin Migrants" Comments

Both his comedy and political activism has been influenced by and criticized because of his conservative and later alt-right views. Dalton was the scene of controversy in March of 2013 after he made derogatory remarks about immigrants from Central America. During a standup routine at a meeting hosted by the Northeast Association of Conservatives, Dalton said that Central American migrants were "overwhelming" the border of Brazoria and compared them to a swarms of maggots around a dead horse. In the same segment, he said that Cuban refugees had a reason to leave, but said "I like Cubans, but it sucks that they're the only Latin migrants that have a reason to leave while the rest don't. They can go back and vote out the guys screwing them over, but I guess their corrupt politicians are the best they can show". His segment caused immediate controversy and the recording of his routine was taken down from multiple comedy websites. Two weeks later, he was suspended from attending an NAC meetings and faced major public backlash for his comments. In an interview on April 13th, Dalton said that he "admitted to going too far and should've worded it better, but the takeaway shouldn't be ignored. Unregulated immigration is a problem and is one we need to deal with".

Conspiracy theories

Dalton has voiced support to various conspiracy theories throughout his career. In 2014, Dalton joked about the moon landing claiming that it was "a bit fishy and not convincing for my taste" during an episode with the conservative podcast Southern Americans. When asked if he denied the moon landing, he sad yes in the same episode. Dalton has admitted to believing in new world order related conspiracy theories and claims that big money donors such as George Soros are financing left-wing organizations, political parties and candidates across Anglo-America to pass an agenda. In 2016, he claimed that Operation Broken Crown, a series of violent crimes and murders committed by dissident republicans in San Joaquin, was proof of leftist extremism and a plot to assassinate the House of Columbia. Since 2016, Dalton has routinely claimed that the Sierran left is the biggest threat to Sierra and Anglo-America and in 2017 claimed that they were plotting a "political coup" against the monarchy. Dalton has also accused the Sierran republican movement of being traitors and believes that they're threatening to instigate a second civil war and that the movement must be banned in order to preserve Sierra's monarchy and royal traditions.

Comments on Terry Scott

In 2016, Dalton gave a speech at a rally in support of Daniel McComb and accused Terry Scott of being a leftwing extremist that posed a threat to Sierran society. While speaking to a group of Sierran Jacobites, Dalton claimed that Scott was a threat to them and that if he was elected prime minister, he would persecute them and said that Scott would "instigate a second Jacobite holocaust worse than the first one committed by Landon and this socialist thugs during the civil war" in his speech referencing the Jacobite persecutions committed during the Sierran Civil War by republican forces. Weeks after the assassination of Steven Hong by Dylan Coulter, Dalton accused Coulter of being ideologically linked with Scott and that more assassinations would come if he was elected. Scott and his campaign denounced his comments and accused him of instigating fear and potential violence against Scott, his campaign staff and supporters.

Foreign travel bans

Dalton was banned from entering Poland-Lithuania on March 14th, 2014 in response to his support towards the Lithuanian Separatist Movement. His support for the movement was controversial as he had Lithuanian separatists on his original show, Underground Conservatives, and gave them a platform. The ban was proposed after he had invited Dalius Kronas on his show and came into effect when Kronas was allowed to give a speech at a rally for self-determination. On August 28th, Dalton was banned from entering the Eurasian Commonwealth for voicing support to the Ukrainian Nationalist Front and called for the group to create an independent Ukrainian state by force if necessary. On February 28th 2018, Dalton was one of the hosts for a major gathering for self-determination called "Sovereignty for All" where he called for ethnic groups seeking independence to fight for it no matter the costs, even if violence is needed.