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Current events
All news mentioned are canonical to Altverse unless otherwise noted.
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Rich Strike wins the 2022 Kentucky Derby, held in the United Commonwealth, with an odds of 80-1.
More than ninety are killed in a tornado outbreak in the Ohio Valley of the United Commonwealth.
Following large-scale protests Eydis Stefanic, Chairwoman of the Nororist Party of Isokyria, (pictured) announces a new constitution will be adopted within the coming months allowing the first multi-party elections since 1935.*
Sierran governors in the Styxie form a pact to reopen business in the coming weeks despite a national stay-at-home order.
As a result of heavy fighting, the Dalmatian army approached the outskirts of Sarajevo, the city itself is clearly visible. Experts suggest that the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina may trigger the start of the Third Balkan War due to the fact that Dalmatia claims the territories of Bosnia and Herzegovina controlled by the Serbian army.

* Non-Altverse

Ongoing: El Norte dispute, Second Cold War, Persian Gulf Crisis, Tourneser Freedom Front insurgency, 2020 Macedonian coup d'état
Recent deaths: Norman HunterJoe BrownAdam AlsingMargit FeldmanKerstin MeyerHank Steinbrenner
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