Cus Taylor

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Cus Taylor
Cus Taylor (Boots Riley).png
Taylor speaking in 1981
Born Christopher Harvey Taylor
May 2, 1955
Wrightsville, Carolina, United States
Died August 15, 2014 (aged 59)
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Nationality American
Notable work Red Book For Political Success

Christopher Harvey "Cus" Taylor (May 2, 1955 — August 15, 2014) was an American political activist and community organizer.

Born and raised in Wrightsville, Carolina, Taylor achieved national notoriety for his work in organizing low-income and working-class families and helping them learn how to engage politically. He started in his neighborhood in what was then the 14th district and quickly became a notable figure. He was controversial for his open support of socialism and communism but condemned the human rights abuses in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc on several occasions. He is credited with bridging the racial gap within Wrightsville, bringing both black and white working class people together for common goals.

After his death in 2014, the 14th ward was renamed in his honor.

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