DAF 30 Series

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DAF 30/30G Series
Wooden Flatbed,Cistern Trailers,
Troop transport,Boxtruck
Manufacturer DAF NV
Production 1938-1945 Mainland
1943-1951 In different Colonies
Assembly Eindhoven, Netherlands
later Paramaribo and Jakarta
Designer Albert Golf
Body and chassis
Class Medium Truck
Body style 2-door,Cab over(COE),
Layout Front-engine
Engine DAF straight-six flathead engine from 201–331 cu in (3.3–5.4 L)
Power output 85 hp-95 hp
Transmission three speed manual
Successor DAF 40 Series

The DAF Series 30,is the first ever truck built by DAF NV ,designed by Albert Golf in 1937 on a government order,with the first prototype produced in 1938 and the production starting in 1938,became a popular model in the private sector,but was absolutely despised in the government organizations notably in the Armed Forces of The Netherlands ,in which soldiers complained of the poor amortization and heat/cold protection inside the cabin.The truck was produced in three different versions a half,two and five ton trucks.And had a variety of body style,the most popular were the box truck,cistern and a flatbed.The dump truck was not in demand and the Royal Dutch Mining Corporation used other trucks.


Introduced in 1936 it was the first completely dutch made truck,from design to main components,the truck was an art-deco style cab over meaning the driver would sit over the engine,which it self was poorly isolated and load,the suspension on the DAF 30 series was not strong enough to support a fully loaded 2 ton truck,let alone a fully loaded 5 ton.Other than those issues the truck proved very reliable due to a very simple construction,which is one of the causes that in 1941 the construction was moved to the east and west indies and not completely scrapped.

30G Series[edit]

The 30Gemaakt (Fixed) series debuted in 1938 with a better isolated engine,more strong suspension.Which helped the truck with overall sales.The 30G Series was sold to other european countries notably Skandinavia,Finland and Belgium .