DAF 40 Series

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DAF 40 Series/Oranje Platform
Manufacturer DAF NV
Production 1949-1953(40 Series)
1953-1960(41 Series)
1960-1968(42 Series)
1968-1971(43 Series)
Assembly Eindhoven, Netherlands
Designer Albert Golf and Henrich Kopler
Body and chassis
Class Heavy Truck
Body style 2-door,Cab over(COE),
Layout Front-engine
Engine 5.5L I5
6.7L I5
7.0L I6
8.3L I6
15.3L V8
Drumbaar Diesel
Power output 100hp-890hp
Transmission 12 speed manual
Predecessor DAF 30 Series
Successor DAF 50 Series

The 40 Series are the successor of the DAF 30 Series designed in 1948 and produced since 1949,is considered on of the most successful truck series in the world with many licensed copies produced and the truck itself being modified multiple times.The 40 series became also the base for the Oranje Platform designed for heavy duty work and for the Armed Forces of The Netherlands .


The design process begin in 1946 after one year before the end of the DAF 30 Series production,but the design process took longer than hoped and finished only in 1948 and the first prototype being completed in 1949 the same year beginning production.The truck had a very powerful engine for it's time a 5.5L Inline 5 capable of 100hp which is more than double of the most powerful DAF 30 Series .


Albert Golff was working on the design,and at first the truck was proposed to be a bonnet style truck and and to be very streamlined,but one day Albert Golff was eating and noticed the odd shape of the bread he was eating,which was not correctly baked and one side was "poking-out" that's when he had the idea to redesign the truck completely from scratch,to which the design bureau at first categorically said no,because the project was almost finished and they could not afford to re-start.But he was given permission from Hubert van Doorne.And in 1949 when he presented the prototype to the company,it shocked everyone,with the hard yet beautiful lines and the square yet aerodynamic look.

Oranje Platform[edit]

The government was pretty happy with the design of the 40 Series,but it wanted a more heavy duty chassis,so in 1953 work began towards a four axle(eight wheel) chassis with at least 800hp,which was decided to be ordered from Drumbaar NV ,because DAF NV did not have any engine that could give more than 500hp. Development was slow but at the end in 1958 DAF presented the Oranje Platform a AWD,890hp,diesel powered Heavy Truck,the outside looked more aggressive thanks to sharp corners which was latter added into the 42 Series.The Oranje Platform is used to this day by Construction companies, Royal Dutch Mining NV and the Armed Forces of The Netherlands notably in the citadel system.

41 Series[edit]

The first modification done to the whole series,which was only an engine change(Introduced the 6.7L I5 and the 7.0L I6)and change in materials used in the cabin.

42 Series[edit]

The second series and the one featuring a major "facelift" with the designs developed initially for the Oranje Platform and as well as introducing the cruise control for more efficient drive and a 8.3L I6 engine option.

43 Series[edit]

The last series of the truck,which added full AC,long haul seats and a 15.3L V8 engine capable of 690hp