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DAF Trucks
Type Naamloze vennootschap
Limited Company
Founded 1920
Headquarters Eindhoven,Netherlands
Area served Worldwide
Key people Harry Wolters President, Frans Nagtegaal CEO
Industry Manufacturing
Products Trucks,Engines,Cars
Website www.daf.ne

DAF Trucks is a Dutch truck manufacturing company.Its headquarters and main plant are in Eindhoven. Cabin and axle are produced at its Westerlo plant in Former Belgium. Some of the truck models sold with the DAF brand are designed and built by Leyland Trucks at its Leyland plant in England.


DAF 30 Series on Zuiderzee Works

In 1920, Hubert "Hub" van Doorne founded the company as Commanditaire Vennootschap Hub van Doorne's Machinefabriek. His co-founder and investor was A.H. Huenges, managing director of a brewery. Van Doorne had repaired Huenges' car several times, and Huenges, pleased with his work, offered to finance him in business. Hub started to work in a small workshop on the grounds of the brewery.

In 1928, the company, by then run by Hub and his brother, Wim van Doorne, changed its name to Van Doorne's Aanhangwagen Fabriek (Van Doorne's Trailer Factory), abbreviated to DAF. Huenges left the company in 1931 and the DAF company was then completely in the hands of the van Doorne brothers.

DAF 40 Series Military Truck

DAF built the licensed Landsverk P40 armoured car,and proved to be the suiting company for further military contracts.The company received government funding in 1937 to design their own armoured car and a military truck.The next year DAF released the first truck DAF 30 Series which was used through-out the whole empire and well into the 1940s in the colonies.In 1946 the process of designing the truck to replace the DAF 30 Series which was becoming very obsolete,and in 1948 after going through multiple designs a prototype was presented to the investors and the government,later in 1949 the first working truck rolled off the assembly line the DAF 40 Series which was produced until 1971 in various models.

Two DAF Series Xs on military exercise
DAF Series 70 in military Camouflage