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The Daktfa is a legendary cryptid found in Blekren and Surresi mythology and folklore that is believed to inhabit the forest of Blekr, although it has been reported to have been sighted as far north as the northern tip of the Plain of Gezur. The descriptions of the Daktfa vary from each account, but descriptions generally include features such as pale grey (occasionally scaly) skin, an unnaturally slender body and limbs, large head, emaciation, aged appearance, and a swinging gait. Behavior exhibited by the Daktfa has various reports, but is typically recorded as nocturnal and commonly masturbates to sleeping people or people presumed to be sleeping. Folklore states that the Daktfa is anywhere from evil to neutral to playful.

Modern alleged sightings trace back to 5788 Ʋ when a "nu'u muut" (old man) was repeatedly reported being sighted in the forests of the present-day manħaar of Ånk. The Daktfa has been linked to native Lätléin-làatus stories of the "Ceva," a mischievous forest spirit that resides in the Blekren forests, observing sleeping people and leading people on chases through the woods in the night.