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Dawn's Beauty
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Genre Fantasy world based on The Elder Scrolls
Established 2023
Creator Cappadocia
Progress In development
Contributors 3
No. of articles List (140 articles)
For the eponymous continent, see Tamriel.

Dawn's Beauty (DB) is a new project set in the universe of The Elder Scrolls. The aim of the project is to fill in the gaps of The Elder Scrolls lore to create a more living, breathing world. Neglected periods of history will be covered; terms that received only a brief mention will be expounded upon; new characters will be created and existing characters will be fleshed out; distant lands will be explored. Inferences will be made from existing lore to accomplish this, but where official content is lacking, a variety of unofficial sources may be consulted, and some content will be wholly original. The project will attempt to remain consistent with what has already been written, but will not be constrained by the limits of the game series' technology. Rather than adhering to the watered-down version as it appeared in-game, Dawn's Beauty will aspire to imagine Tamriel in its most wondrous scale and grandeur. Whenever lore contradictions are found, this project will favor the most balanced version of events, one that best encapsulates the spirit of the series, not the technical limitations.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

"Dawn's Beauty" is a translation of the Ehlnofex word for Tamriel, the great Arena where the main events of the series take place. It also symbolizes the majesty of the early lore—which this project will try to encapsulate—before it was watered down by technological constraints.

In its draft stage, the project was known by the working title of TES+.

Style guidelines[edit | edit source]

Writing[edit | edit source]

A loose encyclopedic style is desirable. Compared to Wikipedia, Dawn's Beauty will have more florid descriptions, richer detail, a heightened narrative focus, and a focus on the interesting rather than the notable. Citing in-game sources is encouraged, as is making up new sources to give this lore credence. However, the intent is to add depth to this world, not increase the breadth. DB lore should remain faithful to the overall framework of existing lore. Contributors should not introduce too many wholly original elements (such as new technologies, new landmasses, black swan events, etc.) that would clash with the heart of The Elder Scrolls.

Capitalization[edit | edit source]

The names of sapient species or races (i.e. those that demonstrate culture, language, etc.) should be capitalized. Names that are typically lowercased in English, such as "human", "dragon" or "goblin", do not have to be capitalized, even if they refer to a sapient species, but the choice should remain consistent throughout a single page.

Acronyms that are pronounced as words may be lowercased; for example, "Almsivi".

Images[edit | edit source]

Imagery used in this project should be of a high quality, and should contribute to a sense of immersion in the world. For illustrations, a realistic or semi-realistic style is preferred. Screenshots from the video games may be used if they do not betray a reduced sense of scale or otherwise have ugly textures, seams, obvious gameplay elements, or other immersion-breaking phenomena. Filtered/modded screenshots are therefore preferred. Real-life photographs may be used as well, but they should not have any out-of-character elements present in the frame. The use of AI-generated images is heavily discouraged, due to their frankly uncanny appearance and tendency to have glaring errors.

Copyright[edit | edit source]

Although Dawn's Beauty is by nature a derivative (fan) project, we will make a reasonable effort to respect both copyright law and copyright holders. Official Elder Scrolls media is to be used sparingly, and only for the purposes of illustration or context. Third-party content may be used only with the permission of its author, or under the author's preferred license. Ultimately, The Elder Scrolls belongs to Bethesda Softworks.

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