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Dayton I of Pacífica

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Dayton I
King of Pacífica and Lord Protector of the Realm
King of Pacifica
Reign May 5th, 1848 to May 1st 1876
Coronation May 6th, 1848
Successor Dayton II of Pacífica
Born May 20th, 1813
New York City, Empire of America
Died May 1st, 1876
Dayton, Kingdom of Pacífica
Burial May 20th, 1876
Consort Mary, Queen Consort of Pacífica
Issue Dayton II
Prince James, Duke of Los Angeles
Princess Charlotte, Countess of Branver
Prince Daniel, Count of San Diego
Royal house House of Branver
Father Daniel J. Branver
Mother Amelia Rothschild
Religion Roman Catholic

Dayton I of Pacífica (born as Dayton James Branver; May 20th, 1813-May 1st, 1876) was the first King and Lord Protector of the Kingdom of Pacífica. Dayton is highly regarded as the greatest king of Pacífica and one of the nation's founding fathers.

Early Life

Life in California

War for Independence

King of Pacífica

Personal Life