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Democratic Justice Party

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Democratic Justice Party
Дeмoкpaтік Адoлeт Пaртıcı
Demokratik Adolet Partısı
President Işanguly Aýdogdyew
Founder Kurbanmuhamed Rakhmanov
Founded October 21st 1998
Split from European Yedisan Party
Youth wing DJP Youth
Ideology Islamic democracy
Social conservatism
National conservatism
Political position Right-wing
European affiliation Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe
Official colours Green
Seats in the National Assembly
50 / 105
Provincial assembly seats
234 / 467
Municipalities seats
484 / 1,245

The Democratic Justice Party (Yedisani: Дeмoкpaтік Адoлeт Пaртıcı; Demokratik Adolet Partısı) is the ruling political party in Yedisan. A conservative party that upholds the tradition of Islamic democracy, the DJP is the largest party in Yedisan with its president Işanguly Aýdogdyew serving as Prime Minister.

The DJP was formed in 1998 as a conservative offshoot of the then-dominant centre-right party, the European Yedisan Party in 1998 by party members who supported a greater role for Islam in public life. It became the largest party after the 2000 elections under Kurbanmuhamed Rakhmanov who subsequently formed a coalition government with the European Yedisan party implementing economic reform. It 2003 the government collapsed after the AYP backed the Iraq war contrary to the DJP's anti-war policy, leading to the DJP to enter opposition. in 2006 the son of Yedisan's first president Sukhan Aýdogdyew, Işanguly Aýdogdyew, became president of the party and in 2011 led the party to an electoral victory in the 2011 election. The DJP lost their absolute majority in 2015, but formed a coalition with the Turkic Unity Party.

The DJP identifies as a socially conservative outlet with support for economic liberal positions. The party has lessened efforts to reunify with Kryve prior to EU membership, stating that if Yedisan joined the EU first it would give a greater incentive for Kryve to unify with Yedisan and has been identified as soft-Eurosceptic preferring cooperation with Muslim countries, most prominently Turkey. It has been compared to the Turkish Justice and Development Party with many DJP politicians having links to AKP politicians.