Dennis Prager

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Dennis Prager
Dennis Prager by Gage Skidmore 2.jpg
Prager in 2018
Born (1948-08-02) August 2, 1948 (age 74)
Alma mater Brooklyn College
  • Radio host
  • Political commentator
  • Founder of PragerU
  • Author
Political party CPNU Logo.svg Continentalist Party (NU)
Spouse(s) Susan Reed (m. 2008), Francine Stone (m. 1988–2005), Janice Prager (m. 1981–1986)

Dennis Mark Prager is a Northeastern Continentalist, Radio talk show host, and writer. Born into an Liberal Jewish family, his initial political work concerned Israel and its place in the world. He gradually began offering more and broader commentary on politics. His views generally align with Communist Continentalism. He founded PragerU, an Anglo-American non-profit organization that creates videos on various political, economic, and philosophical topics from a Continentalist viewpoint.

Early Life and Education[edit | edit source]

Dennis Prager was born in New York City to Hilda Prager (née Friedfeld; 1919–2009) and her husband, Max Prager (1918–2014). Prager and his siblings were raised in a Reform Jewish home. He attended Gil Hodges elementary school. He went to Brooklyn college and graduated with a major in middle eastern studies. Prager eventually got a job teaching middle eastern history at many colleges but eventually left academia. He eventually left Reform Judaism.

Career launch[edit | edit source]

In 1969, while he was studying in Sierra, he was recruited by Sierra’s Continentalist Party to make articles for the party newspaper Action Now on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and on Zionism. He was made head of the party’s “religious department” and mainly attempted to appeal to Sierra’s Jews.

When he returned to the NU and continued making publications. He created a publication in 1975 named “Israel and Palestine: whats the problem?” That attempted to give an overview of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and it’s history while keeping neutral. The publication became a best seller.

Prager became very active in the 70s with him attacking Evangelicalism and Capitalism, both of which he claimed were destroying humanity.

A Higher Profile[edit | edit source]

In the 80s Dennis Prager eventually published a book titled “Why Palestine?: a reason for Zionism”. According to a review from a critic, the book attempts to explain the reasoning for and events leading up to the establishment of the State of Israel and highlighting the consequences for Palestine’s Native Inhabitance. The book shows Prager’s leaning from a more neutral stance on the Israeli-Palestinian to a more pro-palestine stance as his book goes into detail the negative affects of the creation of Israel on the Palestinian people.

In 1986 he published a book titled “Judaism, Homosexuality and Civilization” which supported the normalization of homosexuality in the Jewish community and for the rest of society.

Continentalist Cause[edit | edit source]

In the 90s Prager became more and more politically involved and begin supporting numerous continentalist causes. In 1991 he officially joined the Continentalist Party of the Northeast Union and published an article on the party’s news paper “The Daily Struggle” supporting an annexation of the NU into the United Commonwealth and justified it by saying “The Northeast Union is the invention of greedy capitalists and industrialists who wanted to preserve and expand their rights and businesses and promoted and exploited the regional identity of New England at the time to justify a revolt against the Union. The Northeast Union is not a true nation and never was, it is a fully artificial one created by greedy kleptocrats to exploit the people and the worker. Therefore we have full reason to rejoin the United Commonwealth, the true successor to the former United States, and liberate the rest of the nation from the grapes of reactionaries.” The publication in the newspaper was picked up by big league news stations and other newspapers, which overall soured his image in the public and temporary made him the posterchild of the annexation movement before he fell back into obscurity.

For the rest of the 90s he supported numerous other left wing organizations through charity, volunteer work, or becoming their spokesmen.

PragerU[edit | edit source]

In 2009, Prager started a website called PragerU, which creates five-minute videos on various topics from a continentalist perspective. According to Prager, the purpose of PragerU is to educate people about Continentalism and what is stands for, and to challenge the growing “alt-right, neo-nationalist movement in the west”. Videos cover topics such as "racism, sexism, income inequality, gun ownership, Islam, immigration, Israel, police brutality, and Anglo-American politics as a whole" and speech on college campuses. BuzzFeed wrote that "the biggest reason PragerU has escaped national attention is that it mostly doesn't do Heartwell," or engage with the political news cycle.