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A doom world, also called a death world, is a term used to designate worlds that can't sustain life. Death worlds are typically a 5% of the total number of worlds, or about fifty out of the total thousand, with the other 95% being primary worlds. Doom worlds may come to fruition naturally through the world-creating mechanisms of the voidworld or through extraordinary events that have permanentely devastated the world's ecosystem.

History[edit | edit source]

Doom worlds were occupied for the first time by the Nyx ascendancy, which used them as a safe refuge from mortals during their initial stages of their invasion. The Nyx kept occupying these worlds throughout their rule as they naturally were impregnable fortresses. Erebus in particular spent most of his time during this time period in Petra Tenebris, an infamous death world that served as the initial base of operations for the Nyx.

Despite their hostile climate, most death worlds have been occupied temporarily or more permanently by several human nations and empires after the technological discoveries that occured during the Age of discovery. The Golden Empire in particular used to occupy several of these worlds, not only due to their blind imperialism but also as an exercise of the capabilities of it's military. During the Imperial era most of these settlements were either abandoned or destroyed.

While normally comprising a small percentage of the material planes, doom worlds have increased in number due to the cataclysmic events that occured during the Apocalypse era. As such, doom worlds increased to cover more than 10% of the total number of worlds, or roughly a hundred. While this imbalance should be long-lasting, the corroding effects that fiends brought with them caused enough entropic disasters to make it less permanent.

Notable doom worlds[edit | edit source]