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Drakan Society (Origo Mundi)

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Drakan society was the catch all term of the Society, Practices, Religion, Philosophy, Language and Culture of the Draka.

Drakan Language

Regional Dialects





Serfdom has been a highly controversial aspect of Draka society, particularly due to its high prevalence, and due to its sheer brutality. Most Draka facilities of nobility have at least 3 Serfs, with nobility owning entire plantations. Many have questioned its survival throughout Draka history, and the answer is far more complex that one may expect. Several Serf revolts have indeed been attempted, with the perpetrators being brutally chastised for their disloyalty. Generally such serf revolts occur in the first generation of slavery. However, soon knowledge of the outside world and society is completely removed from the general Serf populations. While not a guarantee of loyalism, for the most part it has led Serfs skill set to mostly remain incompetent outside of hard labour, as it is considered a massive taboo to own literate Serfs, or educate them in any fashion. Draka citizens are free to commit rape on their slaves without any consequence or even social backlash, as for the most part, little pity is felt for the Serf who are supposedly considered to be born of lower stock and poorly crafted by Oden, so it is even believed that to be reincarnated as a "Draka stock," they must toil the fields harder, for that will supposedly lead to "Oden's sharpening of their stock."