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Dylan Coulter

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 This article is part of Altverse II. This page is for a Sierran person in Altverse II.
Dylan Coulter
Dylan Coulter.jpg
Mugshot of Coulter taken in 2016
Born (1989-04-14) April 14, 1989 (age 34)
Nationality Sierran
Organization Imperial Knights of Sierra
Known for Assassination of Steven Hong
Political party DRPS 2017.svg Democratic-Republican Party (expelled in 2016)
Movement Dissident republicanism
White supremacy
Criminal status Apprehended
Motive "Complicity" with the monarchy in the Democratic-Republican Party, white supremacy
Criminal charge

7 charges

  • Hate crime act resulting in death (1 count)
  • Usage of a firearm to commit murder (3 counts)
  • Assassination of a Prime Minister (1 count)
  • Attempted assassination of public officials (2 counts)
Penalty Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole
Date August 12, 2016
Province(s) Plumas
Location(s) Old Sycamore Courthouse, Juno, Plumas, Kingdom of Sierra
Target(s) Steven Hong, Carson Davis, Allison Perry
Date apprehended
August 12, 2016

Dylan Coulter (born April 14th, 1989) is a Sierran terrorist and white supremacist known for assassinating Prime Minister Steven Hong.

On August 12th, 2016 at the Old Sycamore Courthouse, Juno, Plumas, Coulter attended a press conference being held by Hong and other members of the Democratic-Republican Party. Hong was answering questions and Coulter stood up and asked "Your Excellency, as a Democratic-Republican, what have you done to end the tyranny that is the monarchy?". After Hong answered that he viewed the monarchy as a legitimate institution that was supported by the majority of the Sierran people, Coulter was told to sit down, but he didn't and took out a handgun and shot Hong in the abdomen and injured both Carson Davis and Allison Perry in the process before he was apprehended and arrested.

Upon his arrest, Coulter was taken to the Sutter County Sheriff's Department held him at the police headquarters in Dappe for interrogation and was interrogated from 7am to 2pm the following day. He admitted to wanting to harm the prime minister, but didn't initially want him to die and only wanted to incapacitate him from running for office again. Despite the plan going differently, he said he was "pleased" with Hong's death and only desired Hong to have died a slow and painful death instead of the immediate one. Following interrogation and questioning by the Sutter County Sheriff's Department, Dylan Coulter was formally charged with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder, conspiracy to murder high-ranking officials, illegal trespassing, impersonation of a security cleared individual, and other crimes.

Since his arrest, Coulter has become a focal point in discussions surrounding gun control, republicanism and the Styxie with his involvement of and affiliation with various groups of the dissident republican movement raising public awareness of the phenomenon and the issues going on the Styxie. A federal investigative commission was eventually formed in 2016 to investigate the prevalence of dissident republicanism in the Styxie provinces and debates have surfaced surrounding the topic of the "Coulter Effect", the belief that Coulter's actions contributed to the Royalist victory in the 2016 election.

Personal background

Early life and childhood

Dylan Coulter was born on April 14th, 1989 in the city of Apfelhain, Shasta. He was born in the satellite areas and fringes of the Styxie and is said to have grown up in a relatively peaceful working class household. In 2008, his family fell into poverty as a result of the global financial crash and fled to a "makeshift shanty town" to maintain a roof over their heads. His father became unable to provide the needed income to support the large family and he was sent to live with his uncle in Plumas along with his younger sister until their father could afford to provide enough for the whole family. According to official reports, Coulter's uncle was a member of the Imperial Knights of Sierra, an active white supremacist hate group, and he attended many meetings with his uncle, nicknamed Steve, but his sister refused to go along. In 2009, Coulter became "annoyed" with his home life and commonly walked around town and soon joined a gang.


In March 2009, Coulter was walking in Chico when he accidentally walked into a rally being held by members of the Free Styxie Society, a radical republican movement active within the Styxie provinces and became interesting in their movement. This is when he fell in with dissident republicanism and ended up joining New Bear Flaggers, a dissident republican group and criminal gang. He soon dropped out of college after two years and became an active member of the New Bear Flaggers and was arrested in 2012 for participating in the night raid, a night time raid on homes and/or property owned by monarchists. In 2013, Coulter had been arrested for graffiti after he was caught along with seven other men for spray painting anti-monarchist and pro-republican messages, slogans and warnings on homes and property owned by monarchists and Jacobites. In 2014 in response to the murder of Michael Randell Shannon, Coulter participated in Operation Broken Crown and is said to have been responsible for heavy arson attacks.


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Arrest and trial

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