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Province of Cisplatina
Flag of Edessa.svg
Great Seal of Edessa.svg
Coat of arms
Country Cisplatina
Official Languages French, English
 • Governor (PFUP)
 • Deputies
Population (2015)UTC−3
 • Total -
 • Rank 7
Demonym(s) Cumbrian
Time zone UTC−3

Edessa is a a Cisplatinaian province, encompassing the northern portion of the nation's Pampas region, and is the largest of the five Coastal Provinces. It borders South Pereira to the north and northeast, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, New Cumbria to the south, New Pomerelia to its west. It is the most populous province, with 29,951,983 residents, and is the third largest by area. Its largest city, Aubusson acts as both the provincial and national capital. . The Greater Aubusson Area, is the largest metropolitan area within the country, with 15.6 million residents. Porto Alegre is the provinces second largest city, with 2.9 million residents. Edessa has the largest concentration of native English speakers among the provinces.

It has the largest provincial economy, with the gross national product of $1.9 trillion dollars, and has the second highest per capita income, with citizens earning an average of $64,000 annually.