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Embassy of the Kingdom of Sierra, Grand Llano

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Embassy of the Kingdom of Sierra, Grand Llano
Coat of arms of Sierra.svg | Coat of arms of Brazoria.svg
Embassy of Sierra, Austin.svg
John Bremond, Jr. House.jpg
Side entrance to the Embassy from the east
Location 700 Guadalupe St. Grand Llano, BZ 78701
Ambassador Cory Robles (since 2011)
Jurisdiction Brazoria
Consulate Generals Austin
San Antonio
The Embassy of the Kingdom of Sierra in Grand Llano is the official diplomatic mission of the Kingdom of Sierra to the Kingdom of Brazoria. Relations between Sierra's predecessor, California and Brazoria in 1848 although the two did not establish official embassies at each others' respective capitals (then San Francisco City) until 1852. The current embassy is located at the John Bremond House on the corner of Guadalupe Street and W 7th Street in the Downtown district of Grand Llano near the Capitol Building.

The embassy is headed by the Her Royal Majesty's Ambassador of Sierra to Brazoria, who is supported by the diplomatic staff of the Sierran Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ambassador is charged with representing the Sierran government and Sierran interests in Brazoria, strengthening relations between Sierra and Brazoria, promoting Sierran culture, technology, trade, business, and commerce in Brazoria, facilitating dialogue and mutual understanding between Sierrans and Brazorians, and providing assistive and consular services to Sierran nationals residing or traveling in Brazoria. There are four consulate generals affiliated with the Embassy throughout Brazoria, which oversee four consular regions: Dallas, Denver, Houston, and San Antonio. As of 2018, there are a total of 22 consular offices and auxiliary outposts, including the Consulate General offices.


Mission leaders


The current ambassador, Cory Robles, was sworn into office on March 13, 2011 by K.S. Minister of Foreign Affairs Heather Bor. Robles began work shortly after he formally presented his credentials to Chancellor Eva Delaney on March 18, 2011 at the official diplomatic reception ceremony. He replaced outgoing ambassador James McDelaney, who had served as ambassador for 6 years.

Other diplomatic staff

Embassy sections

  • Consular Section
    • Sierran Citizens Services
    • Visa Services
    • Foreign Employment and Work Office
  • Sierran International Business Commission, Anglo-America
  • Administrative Office
  • Defense Attaché
    • Sierran Defense Staff – Brazoria
  • Diplomatic Security Office
  • Foreign Industrial, Agricultural, and Technology Services
  • K.S. Customs and Border Security
  • Public Affairs and Media Relations
    • Press Secretary of the Ambassador of Sierra to Brazoria
    • Media Office
  • Immigration Services
  • Curator Office
    • Chief Historian of the Embassy of Sierra, Grand Llano

Events and programs

Consular offices

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