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Emergency Mobilization Plan

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The Emergency Mobilization Plan, formally known as the National Plan for Emergency Mobilization Act of 2015 is a legislative bill that passed the National Assembly of Mexico on September 8th, 2015 and was signed into law by President Pablo Hidalgo de Veracruz. The plan called for major reforms and reorganization of the Mexican Armed Forces with the intent on acquiring new equipment, technology and resources in order to modernize the military and prepare Mexico for a potential war with the Kingdom of Sierra and other nations in Anglo-America.

The bill passed the assembly with 214-77 with only 101 assembly members abstaining from voting. After it was passed, Prime Minister Jose Rosario Macias approved the bill and said that it was "a step in the right direction for the protection and security of the Mexican nation and people". The bill itself not only called for Mexico to purchase new equipment, but also called for major reorganization of the military including new uniforms and gear, constructing new highways to deploy troops faster, and for the creation of a national reserve militia to act as a home guard unit and was to be trained to be ready for immediate deployment in the event that war broke out between Sierra and Mexico.

Since 2016, the plan has seen new provisions and amendments added which included new changes towards recruitment laws, a new military budget, acquiring new trade deals to afford new equipment and purchasing equipment from other countries in order to modernize the military. The most recent provision was added in 2019 which called for Mexico to look towards the east in Asia in order to purchase new vehicles and made it illegal to negotiate with most Anglo-American nations for new weapons with the only exception being the United Commonwealth.


The plan laid out justifications for a new military buildup including:

  • The Sierran state's hostility towards Mexico.
  • The Sierran occupation of the disputed El Norte territories.
  • Sierran troops are stationed close to Mexico's maritime and land borders.
  • The Mexican Armed Forces have decline due to economic stagnation.
  • Future conflict with Sierra remains a possibility and must be addressed.
  • The Mexican Armed Forces must show strength to deter Sierran aggression.

The plan also laid out what reforms are key to the plan including:

  • The creation of a home guard militia as a reserve force.
  • The construction of new highways for quick troop deployment.
  • Reorganization of the army and navy and a new command.
  • Purchase of new jets and fighter aircraft for the air force.
  • Introduction of an emergency conscription system.



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2018 financial provision

2019 weapons provision


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