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Energy pyramid

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The Energy pyramid, otherwise known as the Pyramid law, is a law that describes how magic works in the Voidworld. It states that magic is caused by energy found in the multiverse and that this energy can be expressed through many different ways when interacting with the material world. Such states are categorized as "colors", which each color either originating or giving birth to another.

Pyramid dynamics

The purest state of energy in the Voidworld is grey. It requires nothing else to exist, other than the Void itself. When entering the material plane of existence, grey can break into either black or white energy, which can't exist without grey energy. Being too pure and reactive, both black and white energy will, in part, break into red, green or blue energy, otherwise known as "RGB". RGB is the most stable form of energy for the material world and, as such, they can't break down again. They also require all the previous forms of energy to exist. Aspects of the RGB do not have their own rules but rather follow those of their parent colors.

Despite being unequal and antagonistic, these forms of energy spread in all worlds almost uniformally. This is why a Wizard can use both red and blue magic simultaneously whenever he might be situated. In rare exceptions, areas can have higher concentrations of a specific energy color at the expense of all others, although this is usually caused by non-natural events. For example, the death of an extremely powerful Lich inside an underground cave complex can impact the area with higher concentration of black energy, reducing the effectiveness of all other forms of magic in favor of black magic.